The Uber for Botox Is Now Here

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor who founded Shape Med. It was eventually bought off by Lifetime Fitness. In a Forbes interview, Dr. McKenna explained how that happened.

He said that Lifetime Fitness first made an offer for him to become their director in Atlanta. He said that he was not interested in working on growing someone else’s brand. They then made an offer to purchase Shape Med outright. Considering the situation at that point, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that this was a great opportunity.

Dr. Mark McKenna sold Shape Med for 4.4 million dollars. He said that in his real estate business, he never took money off the table, so to speak, so this was a unique opportunity for him. Lifetime Fitness was later sold to another company for four billion dollars. They wanted Dr. McKenna to become the marketing director, but he decided not to.

After that, Dr. Mark McKenna took some time off. He had signed an agreement not to compete with them for a year and a half anyway. In addition, his baby was just born. He traveled for a bit and then got back to business.

He got an idea of starting a retail cosmetic and medical aesthetics business. The medical aesthetics business was fractured, he said. There were practitioners and surgeons, but there was no nationwide brand for Botox, and he decided to become one.

His new business will focus on user experience. It is called OVME. He is developing an app that will let users order a Botox practitioner straight to their home to get an injection.

His plan is to use freelance practitioners across the country. It is supposed to work like Uber does. People who want to make extra money can sign up to be a practitioner on OVME. They can log in when they are available and be connected to patients.

He will find practitioners through Facebook marketing, trade shows, and society meetings. He already raised four million dollars towards developing the app and starting his first two clinics.

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