The Soldiers Who Stare At Goats

Besieged by an economy that is spiraling out of control thus forcing the inflation rate to a ludicrous 180%, it is no secret that Venezuela is in serious trouble. How much trouble you ask? It has become so bad that soldiers in the Venezuelan military have taken to stealing goats from local villages. Originally reported in the national newspaper El Nacional and covered by CNBC, the soldiers were detained by local authorities. While under arrest, the soldiers admitted to the crime and stated it was because they were without food in their barracks. In David Osio‘s opinion, it is absolutely ridiculous that the government of Venezuela has allowed the country to reach such desperation that it cannot even properly take care of its military forces. If the military are not properly cared for, who will be left to defend it? Let’s be honest, though, with the way things are going in Venezuela right now, there may not be much to defend in the near future.