Susan McGalla’s Efforts In Championing For More Women To Occupy The Leadership Dockets

Philly Purge has recognized Susan McGalla for making it possible for more women to be leaders in their places of duty. Based on statistics from the McKinsey’s research, companies that give women a chance in the leadership positions perform better than those that strictly give the jobs to their male counterparts. According to Susan, the initiatives created by women have provided networking opportunities and have been able to provide valuable insights.

The women empowerment activist advocates for sponsorship possibilities to push male administrators into helping their female colleagues find and settle in executive positions. In her opinion, a sponsor can be an experienced executive with the ability to make solid decisions. Susan McGalla aims at ensuring that most companies fix their promotion policies to favor both genders equally. Her Idea of sponsorships is to give females the required support to take up assignments without any fear of Prejudice.

Susan McGalla was brought up in a family of three children and was taught to confidently give her views regardless of who she was presenting to. Her biggest inspiration is the number of requests she gets to give talks to women about how to maneuver their way into the male-dominated dockets. In her guidance talks, she aims at addressing these women as professionals and not as a weaker gender. McGalla admits that before she became the Business Strategy and Creative developments Vice President of Pittsburgh Steelers, a football team, she underwent through many challenges that women looking up to her can use as a guide to success.