PSI-Pay: the future for the European Wallet Service

PSI-Pay: the future for the European Wallet Service

A group of people still don’t see the importance of a digital wallet as they perform the same function as the traditional wallet. The influence is evident in the creation of one convenient area for credit and debit as well as loyalty cards and cash. The Digital wallets increase security and also simplifies the work of the user by replacing many papers and cards with a single device. Digital wallets are varied depending on the location of different practices by consumers.


The European Wallet can carry multiple different currencies like USD or Pounds. Users can also connect debit cards to these wallets and use them to access the ATMs. An increasing number of users replace the crypto coins into money which can be easy to spend. The user can as well put a deposit by making the charges on the credit card.


EcoPayz is an excellent example of the representation of a European Wallet Service. The users have a free sign up and can deposit money to do transactions and purchases. It is a point to note that VIP users of EcoPayz enjoy more features of the service and incur lower fees. There are five categories; Classic and silver who have few benefits, and Gold, Platinum & VIP who enjoy better benefits in transfers of international currency. They are usually free for the three categories of users.


PSI-Pay is a Fintech based company that has its regulations enforced by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The said regulations by the government have reduced the worry and doubt of the users moving to digital banking methods. PSI-Pay offers its services to both local as well as International markets as it grows its volume of business users. The British Government permitted EcoPayz and PSI-Pay to give electronic funds to users. PSI-Pay was granted a permit by MasterCard to provide business enterprises with pre-paid cards.


The American Wallet does not keep any cash. Users are not expected to make any deposits. The wallet uses specific cards that have linked to the debit and credit cards of the users for their transactions. This method protects the user from sharing their personal and sensitive details. This method reduces the risk of losing money from hackers or fraudsters. Some examples include Samsung Pay, Masterpass as well as Walmart Pay.