Paul Mampilly Career On Wall Street And Creating A Popular Newsletter

Financial wellness is an essential part to everyone’s life, no matter who you are. Some people love to take it even further and make a career helping others with their finances. Since there are some many complexities about it, it takes a lot of time to understand and educate yourself on the matter. Paul Mampilly has always had a fascination with finance, and so he explored a career in it.

Paul Mampilly did not waste time in life sitting around. He was on a mission to make an impact and has done very well since them. Mr. Mampilly valued education like his father, so he attended college. Since finishing up at the university, Paul was able to earn a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business in 1997. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This would be his first official job since graduating college. Gaining steam from each job, Paul Mampilly gathered more insight into how Wall Street operated. He worked at financial institutions like ING, Deutsche Bank, and then Kinetics Asset Management. Paul impressed companies all over the country with his sound advice when it came to financial matters. He was widely sought after. Mr. Mampilly even made it on the news. He made appearances on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly decided to change directions and join Banyan Hill Publishing. He created a widely popular financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited. It has over 90,000 subscribers to date. In addition, Paul has two trading services for stocks called True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

Mr. Mampilly is the ultimate financial guru because of his proven track record. He won the Templeton Investment Competition during the recession. He certainly takes the time to do his research, logging in 30 to 40 hours of research for each stock. This is included with another 20 to 30 hours of writing. Big financial institutions recruited Paul to manage their million dollar hedge funds, and he did not disappoint. After 20 years on Wall Street, Paul decided to help the average American gain their financial wealth with his newsletter Profit Unlimited.

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