OSI Group has Become One of the Largest Meat Suppliers in the World

One hundred years is a long time to be in business and there are not that many corporations out there today that have broken that milestone. OSI Group is a world-leading food supplier that has tens of thousands of employees working around the globe that was founded more than 100 years ago by Otto Kolshowsky. Originally, OSI was a meat shop, but it became more over the decades as it grew and hired new management. Today, OSI Group offers a wide range of food products including many kinds of meat, dairy, and vegetable products. OSI Group was also known by another name when it was founded, Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons did moderately well for many years and by the 1930’s, they were able to compete with other meat suppliers throughout the Chicago area. By the 1950’s, McDonald’s was an up and coming fast food chain that is currently one of the largest in the entire world today. Luckily for Otto & Sons, they negotiated with McDonald’s and formed a business relationship to be their primary beef supplier. This marked a new era for Otto & Sons and they were able to expand at an exponential rate over the next two decades alongside McDonald’s as they grew at the same time. Otto & Sons eventually needed help with their expansion when it came time to spread into foreign territory, including Europe and South America. To know more about the company click here.

Sheldon Lavin was an advisor that was hired in the 70’s and he has since become the CEO for OSI with the approval of its former founders. Sheldon has stayed a dedicated member of the OSI Group team for decades and is single-handedly responsible for much of its global expansion over the years. One of Sheldon’s first order of business was to rebrand the company, and although the owners agreed, they had to approve of the name. Thus, Otto & Sons became OSI Group.

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