Jeff Aronin Incubating Leadership and Innovation

Jeff Aronin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences. The company is an incubator, investor, and developer for biotechnology firms that are involved in developing life-changing treatments and therapies. The goal and aim of Paragon Biosciences are to create and manufacture medications geared towards improving lives through the use of technological innovations. The company is committed to helping people live longer and healthier lives.


Basically, Jeff Aronin is one of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs and developers. He has led various pharmaceuticals and other treatment companies. He also championed for novel therapies and helped treatment companies to provide the services and products that matter to the patients. Jeff Aronin ensured that the companies he served delivered clear access to medicinal products that helped their clients, loved ones and families.


Jeff Aronin has always been passionate about creating and sustaining a well-informed next generation of healthcare managers and leaders. For this reason, Aronin gives the leadership responsibilities of the startups that Paragon Biosciences has created to the inexperienced healthcare leaders with the aim of allowing them opportunities to build their managerial skills. Moreover, Jeff Aronin has established a healthcare incubator in the city of Chicago. The incubator has more than 200 upcoming healthcare companies that are at different stages of growth and development.


Throughout his career, Mr. Jeff Aronin has received various significant awards, honors, and nominations. Jeff won the Weizmann Leadership Award in the year 2007. Before winning the precious award, Aronin has carried home the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award. In the year 2010, Jeff Aronin emerged the winner of the Deal of the Year Accolade from Buyouts. Additionally, Jeff received the Humanitarian Award that was given from the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in the same year. In the year 2006, Jeff Aronin was named the Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Ernst and Young awarded this honorable award. Also, in 2007, Jeff Aronin went home with the Rovner Award that was awarded from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. Throughout his career, Jeff Aronin has been driven by the urge to help people have a healthier life for them to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.