Imran Haque’s Contributions in Medical Faculty

Imran Haque is a fantastic, highly respected medical doctor whose area of expertise is internal medicine.The doctor has treated many patients diagnosed with different illnesses for over 15 years.That experience has assisted him to gain a higher level of understanding to deal with many diseases.From his caring nature and high level of commitment, people of Asheboro go to his office to see him and also his facility.

The doctor derived his idea based on the need to broaden the horizons of his community by providing services previously not offered.From the feedback, he received from the community left him inspired to give better services.The medical practitioner attributes Hard work and long research key towards bringing an idea to life.Also, he states that patience and networking with professionals produce desired results.

The doctor acknowledges how technology has contributed to today’s medical success.He states that integration of technology has improved data-entry,recordkeeping,referrals leading to quality services to the patients.The medical entrepreneur attributes his ability to multi-task as the one habit that has contributed to his beyond average productivity.

His advice to the younger generation is to note peoples motives as some are out there to take advantage of one’s kindness.He keenly emphasizes that being an entrepreneur the one thing that he would do again and again is to show compassion to all people and respect them despite where they are from and their education level.

The internal medicine doctor offers his medical services to the people of Asheboro and the surrounding areas.He joined the Universidad Iberoamerican and graduated receiving his medical degree.Later he decided to advance his career and hence joined internal medicine program at the University of Virginia.As a student, he adopted the motto which ensured every patient receives better treatment and that led him to prosper.

Currently he provides patients with the necessary treatment joining hands with other physicians providing patients professional medicare.Patients overtime havechose the doctor from the convenient location he is situated.He is also committed to delivering outstanding results.

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