How Shervin Pishevar’s Comments about Blockchain Impact Gaming

Shervin Pishevar discussed the future of cryptocurrencies. He touched upon the underlying blockchain technologies. Shervin Pishevar also highly criticized large tech companies. He even calls them monopolies. What has this got to do with gaming? Well, first consider the importance of small business. Ever since online gaming took the world by storm, a community of enthusiasts has actively trading amongst themselves. This is the essence of a small business economy.

Small business was described by Shervin Pishevar as a critical aspect of the economy. It has local, regional, national, and global impacts. When individual gamers trade amongst themselves, they are getting what they need when they need it. No one is a better determiner of one’s own needs than the individual. The caveat to this is information. As long as gamers have the most pertinent information available, they will make the best choices.

Blockchain technology provides gamers with both trusted information and a means to operate within a small business economy. But there is another aspect to this fast-paced market place. It is one that Shervin Pishevar touched upon when discussing monopolies and small business. It is also one that has great potential for the rest of the world. That is, small business economies promote localized innovation. While it might seem obvious that individuals in their homes communicating over a multiplayer online forum will at some point desire to create their own game, the consequences are less obvious.

Small business innovation accomplishes much of the same ends of an online gaming community trading amongst itself. It produces targeted change where needed. Information is from firsthand accounts of problems. There is much less guessing and predictive analytics like that employed by Amazon and Facebook artificial intelligence. Instead, AI used by a small business economy can take a more assistive role in making the ideas of individuals a reality. When monopolies use their own AI developed from a single-minded focus, the ideas and concepts of individuals fall into the background of innovation. Gaming is a type of artistic expression and so is innovation. Therefore, both need to emphasize individual involvement.