High-Quality Interior Decor With Richard Mishaan Design

In 1991, Richard Mishaan, a New York based interior designer, established a company that is now known for classic designs. Richard Mishaan Design focuses on high-end, quality products that range in restaurant interior design, hospitality, retail design and residential design. His focus has been highly regarded and his name tops the list of the best interior designers in the world.

Profile of operation

Mishaan understands the value of taking care of his clients. His classic designs have played a key role in establishing his portfolio at work. Mishaan has chaired some of the world’s largest interior designer projects. He has been instrumental in taking super-spirited styles when it comes to interior creation. Mishaan has made it in this business. He has been keen on understanding the values of client retention. He has also been able to internalize some of the best projects that cannot be matched by ordinary designers. What sets him apart is his passion for creating high-quality designs.

Service delivery

Mishaan specializes in the development of co-existing colours and space creation. He has mastered the art of sticking to the theme of the background. Perhaps, that is why Mishaan has been applauded for his works as an interior designer. His clients are of a high calibre. Mishaan deals with opulence and character development to bring out some of the best themes in a design. He has always featured some of the best styles that most clients have appreciated. Mishaan understands that clients are different and that these needs come in different budgets. Although his styles are extremely demanding, he has room for average budgets as well. Mishaan has a broad spectrum of service delivery dockets that feature high-end designs. That is why he is praised for his input in interior design.


Mishaan adores style and interior design. That is why he has been featured in multiple publications as a designer and creator of the world’s leading designs. He focuses on what can bring life into the selected theme.