Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center: A Destination for Sports Enthusiasts

The IMPACT Basketball Center is a premier destination for those who love basketball. NBA players also frequent the establishment because of its world-class facilities that allows basketball players to practice their skills. Recently, the renowned nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition, signed a partnership contract with the IMPACT Basketball Center. The deal would last for two years, and the agreement includes the renaming of the basketball center into Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. The deal also states that basketball players who will be utilizing the renamed basketball center will be given a comprehensive nutrition plan care of Herbalife, to assure that they will have sufficient energy when playing inside the court. Basketball players who frequent the basketball center felt great knowing that their training will be supported by the nutrition company, and they claimed that it will elevate the gameplay. The executive circle of Herbalife Nutrition thanked the IMPACT Basketball Center for signing the partnership deal. The company also assured the players that they will be provided with the most nutritious snacks that would help them with their performance while playing the sport.


Recently, the renamed basketball center has set up a program to officially commemorate its partnership with Herbalife Nutrition. NBA players and head coaches attended the event, alongside Joe Abunassar, who founded IMPACT. The program included a basketball clinic that trained 30 young children who are dreaming of becoming basketball superstars one day. The children managed to gain new knowledge about the sport, and they acquired new techniques that would help them become better at playing basketball. Those who have participated in the program felt happy knowing that the children whom they played with could eventually become the new basketball stars of the future. Meanwhile, Herbalife Nutrition stated that they will continue to sponsor training sessions inside the basketball center to encourage the children and teenagers to engage more in sports, which will allow them to perform better inside the class. The renamed basketball center will continue to welcome players from different levels, including students, amateurs and professionals.

Herbalife Nutrition, founded in 1980, aims to provide the public with affordable nutritious products, and one of their goals is to make the world healthier. They are aware with the obesity epidemic that has been experienced by many Americans, and they believe that through introducing an alternative food choice to those who are affected, people will become more health conscious and they would eventually develop the will to stay fit.