Greg Secker Conducts An Interview With CEOCFO Magazine


The first question asked of Greg Secker during his CEOCFO Magazine interview with Lynn Fosse was whether he was a why guy or a why not guy. Interviewer Lynn Fosse then followed up this question with if this was always his philosophy in life. Mr. Secker responded by saying that he has always been a why not guy. He likes to try things out first and then figure things out along the way.

Greg Secker added that he is a natural risk taker and believes in trying new ideas and things in life. He pointed to his Flying Trader initiative. This is when Greg Secker makes trades while flying over the Canary Wharf neighborhood of London. It proves that a smart trader can make money from any location and at any time. The Flying Trader initiative also brings attention to and raises money for Greg Secker’s charity.

Next, Lynn Fosse asked Greg Secker about his college studies. He stated that he studied agriculture and food sciences in college but ended up working in finance. Fosse asked Secker about the incredible turnaround. Secker said that while he was studying in college, he was also making and selling computers. He was also studying coding as well and eventually became quite proficient at coding in early computer programs.

Mr. Secker says that his computer skills impressed a representative from Thomas Cook Financial Services so much that he invited him to an interview and eventually offered him a position at the company. He began working at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a programmer who created coding and programs that the company’s financial traders and investors could use. It was while working as a coder for a financial company, that Greg Secker became interested in actual finances and money management.

Greg Secker was then asked what he thinks about Forex and what is his strategy in Forex trading. Mr. Secker says that as a coder he saw what made trades profitable in Forex. This gave him a unique insider view into how the Forex markets worked. As to his strategy, Greg says that you need to be very risk managed, disciplined and focused.