George Soros Persists In Fight For Equality With Massive Charity Contributions.

When George Soros’ name is trotted out in the papers you can likely use the headline as a litmus test for the political affiliation of the writer. George Soros is, perhaps, one of the most divisive and misunderstood figures in American politics. Born and raised in Hungary, Soros would emigrate to the United States in the early ’50s in order to chase the American Dream. His life story will make one heck of a biopic someday and no part of it will be stressed more than his active work toward improving society. Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundations and one of the most impressive philanthropists of all time. Recently, Soros made headlines around the world for his incredible charitable donations. Let’s look at how much Soros just donated and why he decided to donate that amount.

During the 2016 Presidential Election, Americans got an inside look at just how low the bar could be dropped for political candidacy. The rise of Donald Trump and the corresponding decline in public rhetoric made it all the clearer that the political world was about to be changed forever. Many people chose to laugh at Donald Trump and his attempts in politics, likening him to a brash fish out of water, but George Soros was not one of them. Sos realized early on in the election campaign that Donald Trump was not only serious, but he was dangerously serious. Why does this matter in relation to Soros’ donation news? Well, we’ll tell you.

When Donald Trump won Republican nomination, many people thought he was going to lose the election. When Trump won the election, most people were in awe and simply struck dumb. This couldn’t happen, could it? Instead of being in awe or struck dumb, Soros instead chose to get prepared. Since the election of Trump, Soros has been a vocal critic of the disastrous Trump administration and he has been more than willing to make his voice heard with more than just words. This brought Soros to sign away nearly his entire fortune, $18 billion, to the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations is the charity that George Soros established in the ’70s. Based on the writings of Karl Popper, the Open Society Foundations seeks to bring social justice, democratic values, freedom of expression and more to every corner of the globe. Over the past 40 years, the OSF has made an impact in just about every country on the planet. Recently, the OSF has been integral in the march for marriage equality, sending humanitarian aid to Africa during the recent Ebola outbreak, and even as a stout supporter of voting rights for citizens around the United States of America.

While Soros’ donation to the OSF has all of the hallmarks of history-in-the-making, a certain subset of people are undoubtedly perturbed. To right-wing figures, George Soros is the ultimate boogeyman. He is already being lambasted for ‘crafting a Death Star’ of a charity via his huge donations. Despite the hysteria and paranoia from the right, Soros continues to persist.

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