Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder Of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, recently announced the latest round of investments secured by the healthcare information technology cancer fighting company. The technology data company has secured $ 210 million in investments since it was founded in 2015. Tempus is now worth $ 1.1 billion, making it an official “unicorn” startup company, a feat achieved by few startup companies. Kinship Trust Co., T. Rowe Price Associates, and Revolution Growth are among the latest investors pouring investment funding into the technology driven cancer fighting company. Eric Lefkofsky, details the funding secured is being used mainly to hire new employees. Tempus averages about 30 new employee hires each month, and currently employees about 400 employees. In 2018, during the Round C Series of investments, Tempus received an additional $ 70 million from Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associate.

Tempus uses clinical data sets to identify correlations between historic cancer fighting data, and general healthcare data and creates a customized or personalized cancer fighting plan for each patient. Technology has enabled healthcare professionals to create unique plans for each patients based on that person’s unique healthcare needs. Healthcare is a very personalized service and the care plans should reflect the individual’s needs. Eric Lefkofsky, noted investors are really starting to understand where we are in healthcare and are interested in being a part of what may turn out to be healthcare revolution.

Eric Lefkofsky has lots of experience as a startup founder. Eric Lefkofsy is also cofounder of Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorking and Uptake Technology. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University Of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Company.

Eric and Liz Lefkofsy founded The Lefkofsy Family Foundation, which is a private charitable organization. Founded in 2006, The Lefkofsy Family Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of people in often neglected or underserved communities in Chicago. The Lefkofsy Family Foundation believes in helping the community by providing educational opportunities, medical research programs, human rights avocation , and medical research.

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