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Dr. Sergio Cortez Tours Flooded Region with Evaluation Team

Secretary Sergio Cortes is in a really serious uphill battle to stop a possible pandemic. If he is to succeed he will need to continue diminishing the numbers of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dr. Cortes of Linked In will have a chance at accomplishing this incredibly difficult task with the help of 200,000 troops. It is clear that he is using a very smart approach and he understands that by both training the local residents and a by going after the insect, that he will best be able to get a hold of this growing perilous situation.

The Health Sec., Dr. Cortes explains to Extra.Globo that together with the Brazilian Health Ministry they have constructed 7 emergency shelters with the intention of helping the local residents due to the flooding from the torrential rains that have contributed greatly to this emerging health crisis. Each of the seven emergency shelters are also going to contain 12 dengue hydration stations that will be used to help treat infected locals. There will also be the space and supplies to be able to treat up to 300 people per emergency shelter.

Health Sec. Cortes stresses on twitter that people cannot become contagious and do not have the ability to stream and spread the Zika virus to each other. So the process of transmitting the virus depends upon the Aedes aegypti mosquito first biting an infected person and then in turn becoming a transmitter of the virus. So if a person bitten by a mosquito then the person most likely not get infected. This unfortunately is not true the case of the unborn. It seems that there has been a connection that has recently been established between almost 4000 birth affects in Brazil and the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The data clearly shows that based on the numbers and locations of the infections that somehow pregnant mothers bitten by infected mosquitoes who catch the Zika virus somehow pass it on to their unborn children in the form of microcephaly . This is a very nasty disease that makes the children not fully developed and many are born with very small heads and brains. The Brazilian government and the government of Ecuador have recently asked that all women in their respective countries refrain from becoming pregnant for at least the next two years.
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