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Hair Hacks That Make Life Much Simpler and Stylish


Doing our hair is something that can take a lot of time in order to make sure it looks good. Often times, we spend so much time on it because we don’t know that there are ways to cut the amount of time in half. Luckily, beauty blogger Wengie has some hacks on how to quickly do hair and make it look cute!


In Wengie’s hair hack video, she teaches us a super easy way to curl hair! Using a curling iron takes a lot of time and patience. We have to wait till the iron heats up and then curl each individual strand. Curling irons are also big and bulky to carry around. There’s an easy way. According to Wengie, it’s easy to curl hair with a utensil! Simply heat up a utensil such as a fork with a hair dryer until it’s warm and then wave hair around it. The bigger and rounder the utensil, the bigger the curls.


A quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to hair is by adding a small braid. Sometimes though, it’s hard to find a small clear elastic. Rubber bands and pony tail holders look stupid. Luckily, Wengie has found an easy way. She teaches us that just a simple bobby pin can keep the braid in place. Simply stick the bobby pin vertically up through the braid using the rounded end to stop it from coming undone. It’s easy to hide the bobby pin by wrapping the hair at the bottom around it! It looks like hair is magically being held in place.


Wengie also teaches us how to hide our regrowth line or roots! The first way is by using a cute headband that can be placed over the roots. The second way is by parting hair in a zigzag. This gets rid of the roots and it actually makes hair look like it has an ombre effect.


Finally Wengie teaches us a way to save on time. If we’re running behind and still need to do hair and makeup, there’s an easy way to do both. Pop the hair dryer into drawer to hold up so that you can do makeup at the same time.