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Venezuelan Health Care System Attracts World Attention

Amid many economic and social concerns like the region-wide spread of the Zika virus, Venezuela is celebrating a new partnership with the WHO (World Health Organization).
Leaders and representatives including Dr. Velasquez Figueroa, have pinpointed Venezuela as a prime candidate country for receiving collaborative efforts in bolstering institutions like hospitals and oncological centers.

Venezuela is a modernized country with the human and capital resources to assimilate an evolution in their healthcare system. This is why not only the WHO, but the Pan-American Health Organization have tapped Venezuela as a prime recipient of the benefits of international cooperation.

This type of collaborative effort according to a study by Open Corporaters, will result in resource assistance for programs like those fighting the spread of the Zika virus, providing treatment for HIV, starting education programs regarding managing early pregnancy issues, and procuring vaccines and other drugs. This partnership is predicted by to help Venezuela’s hospital system create a path that will markedly increase their performance, and create a highly organized service network for all Venezuelan citizens.