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The Traveling Vineyard Provides Inspiration For French Wine Tours

The French wine industry has always provided a great deal of inspiration for those who are hoping to learn about fine wines and how they are made, a task that has grown in importance for many who now look to follow the informal wine tours that take place across the nation each year.

Wine tours are something The Traveling Vineyard believes can play an important role in expanding the knowledge of wine enthusiasts of all experience levels, in creating home based wine tasting events The Traveling Vineyard has been creating virtual wine tours throughout the 21st century.

France is the spiritual home of wine production and wine tours that have become popular with individuals who wish to learn as much as possible about different varieties of wine, how wine is produced, and the different foods on offer throughout each individual region. Six different wine producing regions are the best to explore in the view of the experts at The Traveling Vineyard, which are Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Provence; each region has its own distinct grape varieties and climatic conditions that are often explained during visits to vineyards and wineries on a designated wine route.

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One of the most impressive aspects of French wine production is the fact it is not limited to a single region of the country, but is instead located across a range of different areas from the cooler northern climes of Champagne to the southern heat and arid areas of Provence. Wine routes make any trip to France a little more entertaining as the majority of vineyards now offer tours and some smaller wineries even provide accommodation for guests who wish to learn as much as possible about wine production and the events taking place across a specific wine producing region.


The Traveling Vineyard has been trying to make the best possible wines available to any and all people who wish to enjoy more varied options and discover as much as possible about the different varieties on offer. The social media presence of The Traveling Vineyard shows how bringing wine into the homes of customers for tastings brings fun and knowledge into the lives of people across the U.S.

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