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Food riots in Venezuela, crisis still looming

In the recent months Linked in has been reporting on what’s been going through Venezuela, serious political and social meltdown as many Venezuelans are running short on electricity, water, food, and other basic resources for survival.
The lack of food as a country has been a problem for Venezuela for the last three years, and they were really hit hard with the recent problems in the country.

Looking for changes and for survival, Venezuelans have been going on food riots, causing even more unrest to an already unstable society.

My Thoughts

It is quite unfortunate that many Venezuelans like Manuel Gonzalez have to go through such struggle, and the United States news media is too occupied with the presidential election to even bat an eye to Venezuela. As a wealthy neighboring country, I think our government should step up and aid the people with food and supply, just like we did to Germany during the Cold War.

I hope that this countrywide problem is solved because it is sad to hear that people are suffering from not having the resources for a basic living.