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Dr. David Samadi Pioneered a World Changing Technique for Prostate Cancer

Dr. David B. Samadi is a board-certified urologist and oncologist. He is a Chairman of the Department of Urology and Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery Department at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Dr. Samadi is a professor of Urology at the Hofstra School of medicine.

He specializes in advanced minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer and has completed over 7000 robotic prostate cancer surgeries. Dr. David Samadi is the creator of the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART) procedure, using the Da Vinci Robotic System. SMART was developed removal of cancerous prostates, with minimal complications.

Dr. Samadi was Born in Iran. and in 1979 he moved to Belgium and London. He moved to New York to earn his High School Diploma. He attended the State University of New York and earned a degree in biochemistry and medicine.

Dr. David Samadi is known for is being a celebrity doctor and a Fox News Medical-A-Team physician. He hosted Fox News Housecall program for five years. He has an online channel, called Dr. David Sahadi TV. The broadcasts are every Sunday, and available through his social media and his website. His channel discusses health trends and hot topics around the world.

Dr. Samadi has developed a vast social media and online presence that covers:
Dr. David Samadi has received many honors including; Patient Satisfaction Award, 2013, John Kingsley Lattimer Award, 2013, Best Doctors Award 2012, New York Magazine Best Doctor Award 2009-2011, and 2015. America’s Top Doctors for Cancer 2009-2013, Most Compassionate Doctor Award 2010. In addition, entrusted with a prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctors in 2013 and 2014. Patient’s Choice Award 2008-2011 and 2013 and American Cancer Society Community Award in 2012.

Dr. Samadi wrote about former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a January 2018 HUFFPOST article, after his prostate cancer diagnosis. Mr. Romney and his physician chose surgery for his treatment, which is what Dr. Samadi would also recommend, adding that his prognosis is good. Dr. Samadi recommends finding a qualified urologist or oncologist to help the patient make an educated decision on the cancer treatment plan, to best beat prostate cancer.

Dr. Samadi took part in an interview with Ideamensch in November 2017, in which he talked about Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique (SMART). He discussed how the SMART procedure is more effective than existing prostate surgery procedures and how they peel of nerves before removing prostates. Dr. David Samadi SMART, claims his procedure removes only the prostate with fewer complications than the existing nerve sparing prostate surgery.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page:

Top Doctors Like Jennifer Walden Are Making Their Mark Helping Others

When you look online at the list of America’s Top Surgeons you will find Jennifer Walden close to the top of the list. She is well known and presents herself well on television and online. Jennifer was born in Austin Texas. In school, Jennifer was all-state in soccer. Her grades were fantastic and earned her a place as Salutatorian. Jennifer Walden went to college where she joined a fraternity. After completing her college education Jennifer went on to complete her Doctorate. She took a job in Manhattan New York as an Eye, Ear, and a Throat surgeon. She worked her way into having a fantastic reputation before choosing to return to her hometown of Texas. Jennifer has twin sons that are enjoying living close to the rest of their family.

Jennifer Walden is not only a top notch surgeon but she also enjoys writing. She has books on Amazon and does several personal appearances on ABC and other shows talking about noninvasive procedures as well as plastic surgery in general. She specializes in surgeries for teenagers and celebrities. Celebrities all over the world seek her out for her expertise and steady hands. Most people are very interested in her non-invasive line of procedures. She deals a lot with laser surgeries and things like Botox.

When asked how to keep yourself looking young, Jennifer will quickly explain that you have to eat right and take care of yourself. She introduces the knowledge of using things like sunscreen outside to reduce the chances of wrinkles. She also explains how drinking the right amount of water, not smoking, and doing exercises will decrease wrinkles. As a media commentator, she offers expertise in things like vaginal rejuvenation. She will debate the false information and help people understand the real reasons why women seek out these surgeries. Jennifer has won several awards in her career. She has received awards from the American W omens Association and The American Society Of Plastic Surgery. She is definitely someone to watch. Her whole career is based on making people look and feel better about themselves. Her new satellite office is open and you can read about her in the American Airlines Magazine when you fly the friendly sky.