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Marc Sparks; the Successful Entrepreneur

In the entrepreneurial world, Marc Sparks is the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur! Since graduating high school, Marc has been a principal in many startups many of which ended up being fruitful. Mark believes that God gives people challenges so that they clearly understand the responsibilities that come with success. These challenges aid in keeping us humble. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

He accounts all his success to the grace of God. Marc believed that even if he had zero formal training, he was born with a keen instinct which led him to the pass of success. His passion being to build companies, he maintains a handful of portfolio companies in his private equity firm.

He has built not only a business idea but also an entrepreneurial culture. He achieved these by exposing the future entrepreneurs to the short and long-term growth goals. Marc manages by example, and he indeed sets the space for his team. He is not afraid of losing; he loves winning despite the fact that he can’t win them all.

Capitalist Marc advises people to trade unique goods. According to him, it’s so hard to attract venture capitalists if your company has nothing unique to offer. A product that can easily be replicated can not be an attractive investment and thus the need for investors to offer something new.

Marc says that if you already have sales, use that information. If your product is already on the market, you’re only looking for capital to increase your ability to reach more customers. It is, therefore, necessary that you utilize sales data as proof of demand. You need to show customers that your product is already in demand, and is something that the people are clamoring. It is one of the best ways to prove interested, and get venture capitalist thinking.

It is also important to have a clear-cut strategy for how peoples’ money will help you. It is probably the most important part. You need to show them exactly how and where their money will improve your company. The strategy is vital for proving that you have a sound business idea and strategy and that it’s something that they need to invest.

Above all, Marc Sparks believes that presentations are everything. Showing a venture capitalist, in a very detailed presentation, how their money will enable you to increase sales is pivotal.The display makes or breaks their interest in your company, so it’s the part of the presentation you need to spend the most time perfecting.

Outside business Marc has a deep passion for helping others, for instance, he has funded the homeless shelter in Texas called, The Samaritan Inn. He offers counseling programs and financial education to people. However, Marc says that he can only help to those ready to help themselves.

Marc’s passion has led to his involvement in Habitat for Humanity. He has donated towards the construction of over a dozen homes. Marc Sparks also founded a foundation, Sparky’s Kids, through which he has donated computers to the unfortunate children. He believes this will break the poverty cycles.

To deal with stress, Marc Spark is a health enthusiast. He enjoys fishing, hiking and also golf. Marc thrives on competition in both sports and business. He is also in love with traveling. Marc believes that adventurous travel is an entrepreneur’s Mecca. According to him, his inspiration and ideas come from the travel he does from other mediums.

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