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PSI Pay: The U.K.’s Leading FinTech Company

PSI pay a financial payment solutions company has been in operation since 2007. The company has emphasized transparency efficiency and clarity and are driven by a professional team of industry experts with extensive experience in the banking and payment industry.

They were licensed as a payment institution in the year 2007 and were authorized as an electronic money institution in 2011 they are currently monitored authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority to issue electronic money throughout the European Union.

The business philosophy of PSI pay is the empowerment of their partners to do their best ability everything it is that they do whether it be sales marketing distribution or management of their payment programs. With a specialization in the management of activities involving MasterCard, they are able to offer any level of support needed by their partners depending on the required regulatory level.

PSI pay is dedicated to innovation within the payment industry of financial services and just announced a partnership in 2016 with the company Kerv wearables and are now in the process of developing the world first contactless payment ring which will be available worldwide. This partnership will allow the use of the contactless payment ring in over 38 million locations across the globe. In addition to contactless payments users of the product may also be able to use their virtual card to make virtual purchases. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated in an interview that they are incredibly pleased to have been able to work with Kerv. They are excited to have been able to create a unique new payment device that is not only more convenient but has more features in regards to transport data sharing and control.

PSI pay the United Kingdom’s leading regulated financial technology company was happy to announce that 2015 was its best fiscal year on record. They have been able to complete a strategic overall as well as develop new and improved robust supplier relationships as well as of more significant investment in technological abilities with a particular specialization in the security of the technology. For the year of 2015, the volume of business was increased by 29% with income revenues of bio astounding 45%. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated that this has been due to a concerted team effort and demonstrated the quality of the staff they have. With the primary drivers for the growth being there professional promotional campaigns in the successful launch of affiliate programs in addition to their expansion into new countries of operation.

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