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Handy Takes On Home Service Competitors Like A Champ

Handy is now one of the biggest names in the home service industry, since they connect qualified home cleaning and home repair professionals with clients all over the country. Handy ( now operates in 28 markets. The company was founded in 2012. They are now one of the biggest names in their industry, but it was not always easy for Handy. The company went through some serious changes, as outlined in an article from

Stellar Leadership Helps Handy Take Up A Huge Part Of Their Market

The founders of have tried several different strategies in order to find the right stride for the home services market. One of the founders backed an idea that the other founder did not agree with. The idea brought them to the top of their industry, but it certainly had its downfalls. The idea was to make all of the application process for joining Handy’s platform as a service provider done online instead of with an actual human being. This saved the company money, but it slowed their growth significantly. Both partners were right when it came to their points about this idea. The growth of onboarding new professionals slowed down by about 40 percent, but it did save Handy enough money to stay alive in their market. While similar companies, like Homejoy, crumbled to the surge in competition, Handy picked up momentum and is now one of the top competitors.

If you are interested in reading more about start up companies and seeing how exactly Handy was able to turn the tides in their market in order to become one of the biggest home service providers in their industry, then you should check out this article from is a valuable source for all news relating to business and technology.