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The Chainsmokers Continue To Evolve And Grow As Musicians

Although the Chainsmokers are known for a very particular style, especially among the younger generations, they have started to change up their music tones this past year. Unlike the usual party go-er music that the Chainsmokers are known for, they started releasing music that is much more serious and rock-like than their previous work. Sometime last year, the Chainsmokers went on a hiatus, taking a breather from all the fame and criticism that constantly flies around. When they finally came back and released a new song to their fans, it was nothing like they were expecting. That being said, “Sick Boy” and the like have done quite well for the Chainsmokers usual audiences and even better overseas where grunge music is more popular.

According to the Chainsmokers, there are high expectations to produce a certain style in the music industry, especially when everyone loves the sound. Unfortunately, this is very limiting to a musicians creativity, forcing them to stick to certain sounds or not try to create anything new at all for fear of upsetting their fans. Like most artists out there, the Chainsmokers realized that their career and lives is in their own control and it didn’t matter what people ultimately thought as long as they were doing what they loved. The Chainsmokers are hard at work creating their latest songs with many collaborations on the way like fans have come to expect from them.

As far as the Chainsmokers are concerned, they have already proved themselves as artists and want to grow more than anything else, regardless of the criticism. This even makes its way into their new music, where they speak about the criticisms they get as well as the more sinister issues facing the world today. More than ever before, the Chainsmokers want to connect with their audiences and allow them to bridge the gap between celebrities and human being. The Chainsmokers have much more coming in the future and a lot of it will have more story and soul put into it, leaving the party music on the back burner in some respects.