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The Exalted EOS

Have you watched great products fail? Or perhaps a business? It is very difficult to start up a company or business and keep it successful. Both the product and marketing have to be enough to captivate consumers and make them interested enough to try this new product or experience. This is why EOS, Evolution of smooth, lip balm has taken over the beauty product aisle and our purses! established a new product, advertised to the consumers likely to try it, and continues to create different and quality items.

Evolution of smooth lip balm was created by doing the opposite of what so many lip balm companies have created. First, EOS lip balms were created with natural and organic products. This is almost unheard of in the lip balm world! These petrolatum free spheres also took a whole new approach to making natural smelling and flavored products. These clean and refreshing orbs are different and their shape was the perfect way to advertise their uniqueness.

On top of using a new look, EOS creates advertised to the crowd most likely to enjoy their products. Knowing most women use lip balm through out the day, the company took the product to their attention. They placed the new lip balm where women would find them and even based their commercials on a more feminine perspective. On top of making sure women noticed the new option of lip balm, the company looked to advertise the younger generation. Millennials are well known for trying unique products and favoring organic or naturals items. When using these as selling points, millennials were sure to try out the new EOS lip balm!

After building a great product and selling it to the right people, the EOS company continued to build itself! Make sure to check out their continued line of new products on Target!