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I Have Dr. Jennifer Walden To Thank For My Beautiful Body

I used to have a daily regimen where I would look in the mirror and criticized several parts of my body. I had to talk to my psychologist about some of the things I was doing to myself, and he simply told me that I needed to love myself more. I didn’t know how to love myself and not see all the faults that my body had. I chose to do something about how I felt about myself, and my first thought was to have surgery. I wanted plastic surgery to fix the parts of my body that were giving me problems, and the biggest reason they were problematic is because I felt that my body looked wrong.

My breasts were just too small, my thighs were too thick, my butt wasn’t big enough, and my stomach was a bit pudgy. I could possibly rant all day about the things I felt were wrong with my body, but instead, I decided to contact a plastic surgeon. I wanted to get Dr. Jennifer Walden because of everything I’d heard about her, and I know that she’s the best at every type of surgery she performs. When I went for my initial consultation, I was asked about my frame of mind and why I was doing the procedures.

I appreciate the doctor trying to encourage me to love myself, but I was determined to get the surgeries I needed to fix the problems that I felt I had. I let the doctor know that I wanted bigger breasts, a bigger butt, a smaller waist, and a slimmer body size. I was told that fat transfer could possibly fix some the issues that I had, but the doctor said that they I wasn’t very big in size, so giving my body to a certain look shouldn’t be very difficult at all.

Even though I met with a different doctor then Dr. Walden, I told them that I would not accept anyone else perform my surgery except Dr. Walden herself. I met with Dr. Walden on the day before my surgery, and we had a talk before I came back in to have the surgeries performed. I did have some recovery time after having these different procedures performed on the same day, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. I almost look like a porn star, and the only thing I feel I need to do from here is to tone up and gain some more muscle. Dr. Jennifer Walden has made me look beautiful.