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George Soros gives Billions for the Future of Democracy and Liberalism

George Soros is a former investor who has made billions of dollars throughout the course of his long life. He is now an 87-year-old liberal financier and supporter that provides billions of dollars to various social organizations around the globe. He even gives money to political causes and important charities. Soros is serious about his desire for open societies and democracy. He has given $18 billion dollars in an effort to keep these two political processes in motion.

Liberalism is an important tenant of society. This political philosophy endorses the ideas of freedom and equality. Liberalism wants all people to have full access to opportunities and it provides a governmental framework that will give people the best chance to succeed. Liberals want the government to help people when individuals are not able to care for themselves. They do not endorse laziness, or government dependence. Instead, they realize that some people will need more help in life than others.

According to the liberal view, governments should provide more services that help people. They should allow various sub-cultural groups to flourish; even if their lifestyle is not a part of the norm. Liberals want people to have the right to choose in terms of abortion and sexual lifestyle but they want to restrict the right to gun ownership. Liberals look to the government for structure and law. They also want government to hold people accountable.

A democracy is another important political philosophy that gives people within a society the right to elect their leaders and to vote on laws that impact their lives. A democratic society allows people the freedom of rights, speech and to be able to worship as they please. George Soros is a strong supporter of democracy and liberalism because they ultimately reflect his desire for an open society.

An open society is one in which people have certain rights, responsibilities and the ability to govern themselves in a fair and equitable way. George Soros knows what it is like to live in societies that are closed to democratic and liberal principals. He was a teenager in Hungary when the Nazi Party ruled over this land. Soros learned from first-hand experience how dangerous that can be. Soros used that incident to ensure that people would never experience that kind of tyranny again.

His $18 billion dollar donation is not a show of force or political muscle. Soros is a powerful man. There is no denying it. However, he made this donation to ensure the future of world is safeguarded against tyrants, oppressive governmental systems and unjust regimes. Soros’s donation will help plenty of social and political groups to thrive well into the future, long after he has passed away.

Soros in fact is doing his part to ensure that liberalism, democracy and open societies provide future generations with freedom, justice and equality. You can find out more about George Soros’s $18billion dollar contribution on the Washington Post website.