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OSI Industries is a Leading Food Processor With an Expansionary Aim

OSI Industries has been expanding around the globe as one of the premier food processors with an enormous range of capabilities. They are top notch food producers as well as experts in crafting new culinary dishes tailored to specific markets. Their ability to develop key partnerships make them one of the most sought-after companies of their kind.

The rich history of OSI Industries goes back more than 100 years when they were known as Otto & Sons. Established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, they served residents of Chicago with their butcher shop and meat market. For many decades enjoyed success as a local business and eventually entered the wholesale side of the house as meat processors.

Otto & Sons entered a new phase when a handshake agreement with Ray Kroc opened the door for them to become the first meat supplier to McDonald’s during their nascent stage. This kicked off a chapter of extraordinary growth as one of the first retail chain restaurants proved to be a big success. The two companies grew together into something special and expansion occurred regularly.

A financial expert entered the picture in the person of Sheldon Lavin. His expertise in banking and investing was crucial to the launching of a new plant dedicated to McDonald’s alone. This plant began operations in 1973 and helped Otto & Sons continue to successfully provide their key customer with hamburgers.

Sheldon Lavin became a partner and eventually acquired the company when the founding family retired from their business lives. The name was changed to OSI Industries in 1975 and it better reflects their global ambitions and manufacturing abilities.

A global vision for a successful business was always Sheldon Lavin’s dream and he has been instrumental in helping OSI Industries flourish around the world. He also emphasizes a growth mindset with a strong dash of entrepreneurialism mixed in.

The wildly successful partnership of OSI Industries and McDonald’s proved to be an excellent blueprint for their expansionary mindset. They seek to nurture and develop key relationships with top food brands around the world. Their food production capacity is only part of their significant depth of resources. OSI’s culinary creation teams help leading brands craft winning food dishes around the world.

Asia has been one region in which OSI has shown excellent growth since the late eighties. They are now in Taiwan, China, and Japan as well as other locations. This amply illustrates their global success as their tradition of expansion and excellence continues.