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Shared Office Spaces Improving Employee Performance


There is a new trend where companies no longer have to set up traditional offices for their employees. Instead, they could fix their employees in a co-working space. So, what would compel a business to rent a co-working space, rather than provide them with a traditional office? Well, the answer is simple. Shared office space is associated with increased employee performance. This is true according to a recent research conducted by the Harvard Review. They noted that employees who worked in shared office spaces performed better than those subjected to traditional offices, by one point. This is how co-working spaces help to improve performance;

Increased Control

With co-working spaces, employees have more control over their working hours. They can choose to come early and work late. This flexibility allows employees do more than they normally would in traditional offices. Additionally, they do not have to worry about being judged about their choice of working hours.

Void of Unhealthy Competition

One of the demotivating factors of a traditional office is the presence of unhealthy competition. With co-working spaces, however, employees do not have to compete directly with each other. This gives the employees to concentrate on developing and bettering their skills. This way, they are able to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

Sense of Belonging

Co-working spaces provide employees with a sense of belonging. Instead of being a lone worker and being buried in loneliness while working from home, one gets to be part of a larger community. A community, where you can interact with others. This provides motivation for workers. Therefore, achieving a higher performance.

Sharing of Ideas

Shared office spaces allows individuals with similar skills come together and interact. This way, they are able to empower and help each other grow their skills. Additionally, due to the fact there individuals with varying skills, one is able to broaden his/her skillset.


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