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Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder Of Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky, recently announced the latest round of investments secured by the healthcare information technology cancer fighting company. The technology data company has secured $ 210 million in investments since it was founded in 2015. Tempus is now worth $ 1.1 billion, making it an official “unicorn” startup company, a feat achieved by few startup companies. Kinship Trust Co., T. Rowe Price Associates, and Revolution Growth are among the latest investors pouring investment funding into the technology driven cancer fighting company. Eric Lefkofsky, details the funding secured is being used mainly to hire new employees. Tempus averages about 30 new employee hires each month, and currently employees about 400 employees. In 2018, during the Round C Series of investments, Tempus received an additional $ 70 million from Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associate.

Tempus uses clinical data sets to identify correlations between historic cancer fighting data, and general healthcare data and creates a customized or personalized cancer fighting plan for each patient. Technology has enabled healthcare professionals to create unique plans for each patients based on that person’s unique healthcare needs. Healthcare is a very personalized service and the care plans should reflect the individual’s needs. Eric Lefkofsky, noted investors are really starting to understand where we are in healthcare and are interested in being a part of what may turn out to be healthcare revolution.

Eric Lefkofsky has lots of experience as a startup founder. Eric Lefkofsy is also cofounder of Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorking and Uptake Technology. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University Of Michigan Law School. Eric Lefkofsky is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Company.

Eric and Liz Lefkofsy founded The Lefkofsy Family Foundation, which is a private charitable organization. Founded in 2006, The Lefkofsy Family Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of people in often neglected or underserved communities in Chicago. The Lefkofsy Family Foundation believes in helping the community by providing educational opportunities, medical research programs, human rights avocation , and medical research.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Passion For Cure For Cancer Translated Into Business Reality

The world is increasingly getting more perplexing, complicated and unfathomable, and it’s a bit reassuring to know that there are people like Eric Lefkofsky who are trying to make sense of all these complexities and help people benefit from its changes. That said, Mr. Lefkofsky hopes to help battle cancer with the company he started called Tempus Labs, and right now, his company’s focus on big data is what’s driving the growth of his company today.

The Big Data Contribution

We know that in the effort to make sense of all the information available today, we need big machines. These big machines require what is called Big Data, and Mr. Eric’s Tempus Labs is no different. Tempus Labs is based in Chicago that Mr. Eric founded to offer all the methods, solutions and big data platforms to make it easy for doctors and researchers to find ways to address the big issues involving all sorts of cancer.

In a report from Release Fact, we learned that it is in Eric’s reliance in Big Data that he’s able to offer assistance to big cancer research groups, such as National Cancer Institute. Its focus on Big Data is also what’s making the company part of the top ten best health tech companies today. With Tempus Labs’ solutions for sequencing of tumors, biopsy, medical imaging and characterization of immune systems, its solutions put themselves on top of the most necessary medical procedures people are paying for.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Mr. Eric is the co-founder of Tempus, as well as its distinguished and scrappy Chief Executive Officer. His work in Tempus Labs’ growth is directed towards building a robust operating system that can find ways to battle all sorts of cancer. To put it in another way, Mr. Eric wants to find a cure for cancer, which is one of the most ambitious things that any entrepreneur would love to do.

In detail, what Mr. Eric is also trying to do is bridge the gap between tech, commerce and passionate service, and this drive to find such solutions is what’s making him develop other companies, too. These include disruptive technologies companies, like Uptake Technologies, of which he is the co-founder.

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From Hungary, to New York, and Now to the Entire World: How George Soros Is Positively Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Open Society Foundations, a New York-based philanthropic organization, has been at the heart of George Soros’ huge donations. The organization, which ranks 2nd among America’s charity and philanthropic groups is said to have received not less than $18 billion from the American Hungarian billionaire since it was incepted. Such huge donations have placed George Soros right at the center of global socio political conversations, with some critics feeling uncomfortable with it. They are particularly disturbed by the fact that Soros is the first donor in the history of America’s philanthropic organizations to donate $18 billion or more to a single organization.

George Soros is a key advocate of human rights, equity, fairness, and good governance across the world. Soros played an instrumental role in the establishment of the Open Society Foundation about three decades ago, and he has walked with it in every step of the way. Thanks to his financial support, the organization has managed to establish bases in more than 120 countries. In the United States, in particular, Open Society has stood in defense of gays and lesbians over the years. This is in line with Soros’ belief that no one should be victimized or looked down upon by their sexual orientation. The organization also assisted medical practitioners in the fight against Ebola three years back. For his part, Soros made a personal donation of $10 million to quell the rising hate crimes that were witnessed in the aftermath of last year’s highly emotive America’s presidential vote. He was in some instance quoted saying that the election awakened some sleeping dark forces and they had to be stopped.

Political Involvement and Criticism

As part of his political involvement, George Soros has been a key ally to the Democrats and has in the past donated for campaigns against the Republicans. In last year’s election, for example, he made a substantial financial contribution towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Republican’s Donald Trump. This has not been going down well with the Republicans who have accused him of injecting undue influence to America’s political equation. Breitbart is particularly against Soros’ style of philanthropy and has on several occasions criticized him on its website over several issues.

Criticism notwithstanding, Soros has had his fair share of positive reviews and support from different quarters. National Philanthropic Trust’s Eileen Heisman, for example, defends Soros arguing that taking a stand and supporting it should not be the basis of criticism. Patrick Gaspard, the soon-to-be president of the Open Society Foundations, has also stood in the past in solidarity with Soros saying that his open opposition to President Trump and other Republicans is warranted. Ford Foundation’s Mr. Darren Walker, on the other hand, believes that Soros’ impact in global justice is unmatched.

Soros’ Early Life

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary 87 years back. He experienced the ruthless Nazi rule in his home country before relocating to Europe and later to the United States. After settling in New York, he managed to establish himself as a bold investor and hedge fund manager. In the early 90s, his boldness bore fruits when he won a $1 billion investment bet against the pound.

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The Uber for Botox Is Now Here

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor who founded Shape Med. It was eventually bought off by Lifetime Fitness. In a Forbes interview, Dr. McKenna explained how that happened.

He said that Lifetime Fitness first made an offer for him to become their director in Atlanta. He said that he was not interested in working on growing someone else’s brand. They then made an offer to purchase Shape Med outright. Considering the situation at that point, Dr. Mark McKenna decided that this was a great opportunity.

Dr. Mark McKenna sold Shape Med for 4.4 million dollars. He said that in his real estate business, he never took money off the table, so to speak, so this was a unique opportunity for him. Lifetime Fitness was later sold to another company for four billion dollars. They wanted Dr. McKenna to become the marketing director, but he decided not to.

After that, Dr. Mark McKenna took some time off. He had signed an agreement not to compete with them for a year and a half anyway. In addition, his baby was just born. He traveled for a bit and then got back to business.

He got an idea of starting a retail cosmetic and medical aesthetics business. The medical aesthetics business was fractured, he said. There were practitioners and surgeons, but there was no nationwide brand for Botox, and he decided to become one.

His new business will focus on user experience. It is called OVME. He is developing an app that will let users order a Botox practitioner straight to their home to get an injection.

His plan is to use freelance practitioners across the country. It is supposed to work like Uber does. People who want to make extra money can sign up to be a practitioner on OVME. They can log in when they are available and be connected to patients.

He will find practitioners through Facebook marketing, trade shows, and society meetings. He already raised four million dollars towards developing the app and starting his first two clinics.

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