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Robert Ivy Transforming AIA

Since 2011, Robert Ivy has been the president and the CEO of (AIA) American Institute of Architects. By using public outreach, advocacy, education initiatives and making better decisions, he had made AIA a better organization that raises awareness of the task the architecture plays in our community in the 21st century.

Mr. Robert Ivy is dedicated to helping the architects work and solve the current issues which are facing world concerning the community projects, global health, economics and the sustainability. He believes that the solutions for the environmental challenges that we are facing today must be formed not only by having aesthetics in construction but also by designing safer buildings which are strong enough to hold up disastrous climate and geological situations. He believes that’s there is a tremendous need for a professional designer who should work with the infrastructure of the fast developing cities globally.

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In an interview with, Ivy pointed out that architecture can affect the society rate in increase of non-communicable illnesses such as heart diseases and diabetes. Cities and buildings can be designed in a way that can promote exercises by building stairs to walk in. Ivy further explained that it is essential for the designers to consider good health in their work, for example, considering designing buildings that have easier access to clean water, fresh air and sunlight.

In 1st Feb 2011, Robert Ivy was selected to be the executive vice president and the CEO of AIA. He brought a fortune of skill to the new occupation. Before taking up the leadership at AIA, he worked as the vice president and the editorial director of McGraw Hill Construction. For the period he was on duty, their magazine was the leading architectural journal internationally. It received 26 Jessie Neal Awards, American National Magazine Award for overall excellence and 2008 Digital Award for being the best website of the year. The leader of national architecture group, Alpha Chi honored Robert Ivy by recognizing him as a Master Architect making him join a group of honorees such as Cass Gilbert, Eliel Saarien, John Wellborn and Richard Fuller. In the 21st century, he is the only architect who has received such award in 100-year history. Robert Ivy is the writer of the conclusive biography of Fay Jones which is currently on the third edition. He speaks regularly to educate audiences about the meaning and the role of architectures in everyone’s live.

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