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HGGC Accomplishments During its 10 Years of Growth

The global private equity firm HGGC made it more than 10 years already. During this time, the company accumulated more than $4.3 billion in capital. These funds were raised via financial commitments made with corporations such as FPX, which is a cloud-based solutions company, and Denodo, which is a data virtualization company.

Other financial investments included those made with AutoAlert, MyWebGrocer, Hybris and Integrity. HGGC also has completed a variety of other transactions such as acquisitions, recapitalizations and liquidities. They also have completed a variety of platform investments. Transaction values of these funds totals about $17 million.

Additional Recent Deals

On January 23, 2019, HGGC decided to facilitate a deal with Davies Group Ltd., a UK digital solutions and tech management provider. A minority stake of Davies was sold to Alberta Investment Management Corporation. The move was made with AIMCo’s clients in mind, and HGGC will still hold majority ownership in the company. This transaction involves the oversight of financial, insurance and communications needs as well as marketing and organizational services for hundreds of clients.

About two months prior, Davies Group acquired Veriphy Limited, which is a check verification service, and the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering technologies. This places an increased focus on regulation of funds transmitted from one hand to the next while improving customer service platforms.

HGGC also had a hand in guiding the merger of Mi9 and MyWebGrocer. Mi9 offers a range of retail solutions, and MyWebGrocer is a digital media and software provider. This transaction took place to improve the quality of available retail software platforms.

HGGC’s Mission

They constantly search for ways to build partner relationships. Through these connections, they capitalize on the strengths of every organization involved. This provides a strong bond within a network system that also fosters strong reference relationships and improves customer service to clients.

How Shervin Pishevar’s Comments about Blockchain Impact Gaming

Shervin Pishevar discussed the future of cryptocurrencies. He touched upon the underlying blockchain technologies. Shervin Pishevar also highly criticized large tech companies. He even calls them monopolies. What has this got to do with gaming? Well, first consider the importance of small business. Ever since online gaming took the world by storm, a community of enthusiasts has actively trading amongst themselves. This is the essence of a small business economy.

Small business was described by Shervin Pishevar as a critical aspect of the economy. It has local, regional, national, and global impacts. When individual gamers trade amongst themselves, they are getting what they need when they need it. No one is a better determiner of one’s own needs than the individual. The caveat to this is information. As long as gamers have the most pertinent information available, they will make the best choices.

Blockchain technology provides gamers with both trusted information and a means to operate within a small business economy. But there is another aspect to this fast-paced market place. It is one that Shervin Pishevar touched upon when discussing monopolies and small business. It is also one that has great potential for the rest of the world. That is, small business economies promote localized innovation. While it might seem obvious that individuals in their homes communicating over a multiplayer online forum will at some point desire to create their own game, the consequences are less obvious.

Small business innovation accomplishes much of the same ends of an online gaming community trading amongst itself. It produces targeted change where needed. Information is from firsthand accounts of problems. There is much less guessing and predictive analytics like that employed by Amazon and Facebook artificial intelligence. Instead, AI used by a small business economy can take a more assistive role in making the ideas of individuals a reality. When monopolies use their own AI developed from a single-minded focus, the ideas and concepts of individuals fall into the background of innovation. Gaming is a type of artistic expression and so is innovation. Therefore, both need to emphasize individual involvement.

Fortress Investment Group Assimilated by the Softbank Group Corp

December 2017 news revealed that Fortress Investment Group was entering into a pact with Softbank Group. Well, this is indeed true after the major announcement was made in early 2018. Softbank Group has acquired Fortress at US$ 3.3 billion. It was after all the legal measures were factored into account including shareholders agreeing to the treaty and necessary approvals done to give a go ahead. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at

After the deal, all shareholders received a US$ 8.08 payout for every class A share. Softbank has assumed the sole ownership of the investment firm, and sooner or later, Fortress Investment Group will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. All management will be passed down with the consolidated financial statements affirming the closure to the acquisition.

Well, logic beats the question why Softbank acquired an investment firm it being a conglomerate in the technology business. First forward, Softbank is a parent company to many companies in diverse fields of the economy. Masayoshi Son who founded the company desired to establish a niche where all industries and sectors were pulled together. Softbank Group branches out into e-commerce, internet solutions, telecommunications, and broadband among other things. These grand acquisitions enable it to stretch outwards in the world of finance propelled by one of the largest and stable investment companies. Besides, Softbank has always wonder how they could get into working with financial institutions and Fortress Investment Group just paved way.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a privately held investment managers and equity firm based in New York City. It was founded by Peter Briger who is the Co-Chairman to the board, Wes Edens Co-chairman and principal, Rob Kauffman who has since exiting the venture and Randal Nardone who is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. It was established in 1998, got listed on the NYSE in 2007 and has become a global manager of other firms. It has managed credit, hedge and equity funds making high yields of up to US$ 70.2 billion in 2016. The firm has been sold off to Softbank Group but its stable in operations nonetheless.

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Banyan Hill Publishing Is Aided By Ted Bauman’s Financial Expertise

When it comes to the financial and investment industries, most people get prepared for it out of college and spend many years perfecting their craft. Ted Bauman is a leading financial advisor at Banyan Hill Publishing that did nothing of the sort. Instead, after Ted completed his basic education in the United States, he moved to South Africa to earn a higher education from Cape Town University. He studied economics, which is the right path of a financial advisor, but he instead went to work for various non-profit organizations around South Africa. This was the basis of Ted’s career for more than 20 years while he traveled across the east to help the generation population through his services.

Ted Bauman didn’t become a full-fledged financial advisor until 2013 and his reasoning is because he has a desire to help others succeed where many are trying to keep them down instead. It is not necessarily easy to be a good investor, but it is much more manageable when one has the right advice to start with and build off of in the future. Society and its citizens are directly influenced by the economics and politics which are influenced by corporations and money. Because of this, many people are at a disadvantage and Ted Bauman intends to bridge the gap of information out there.

As a writer for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is able to reach thousands of people in the financial industry with his expertise and over the years he has helped many people start their careers. With his weekly newsletters coming out, tens of thousands of people are able to keep up with the latest stocks and bonds information as well as investment strategy. The Bauman Letter is Ted’s most popular newsletter and it has also become one of the most popular on the Banyan Hill platform.

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How Is High-End Development From JHSF Changing Brazil?

High-end development in Brazil is changing with help from JHSF and their leader Jose Auriemo Note. The country has seen a surge in development because of the World Cup and Olympic Games they hosted. The country is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and they have a lot of new developments going up every day. Look at what happens when high-end development comes to every Brazilian city with the help of JHSF and Jose.

1. High-End Development Is Beautiful

Jose believes that high-end development makes Brazil more beautiful. He wants the cities to be beacons of progress, and he wants each new project to make the country look great while also providing a nice place for people to live or work. The people who work in high rises feel as though they are part of something important, and the people who live in these places are given the chance to live their best life.

2. Why JHSF?

JHSF has been built by Jose to be one of the top developers in the world. He is very good at building relationships, and he works with Brazilian cities to make sure that his projects fit in with their vision of the skyline. He wants these cities to stand out, and he wants to help grow the middle class by allowing people to live in places that get them off to a good start. This is very important because it helps Brazil look better to investors. They know their workers will be happy, and it attracts people who want to move businesses there or start a new office.

3. How Does Jose Help?

Jose is the face of the company, and he wants JHSF to have a profile that people can get behind. He wants these people to have a good chance to build the right structure, or he wants a city to be happy with the deal they have made for a new development. He makes it easier for everyone to do business, and he is making Brazil a much more attractive place for people to invest their money in the future.

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The Great Strategies of Wes Edens That Are Geared Towards The Improvement Of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is one of the CEOs of Fortress Investment Group, who has given everything within his reach to ensure that the company’s performance is the best in the investment management industry. Using his expertise that he acquired while working as an employee in other financial organizations in the Wall Street America, Wesly Edens has enabled Fortress Investment Group to rank high in the industry’s best performing organizations. As the head of the real estate business and hedge fund sections of the organization, Wes Edens has insisted on making the organization the best in the entire industry. One of the strategies in which Wesley has implemented in the organization is the use of technology in conducting the operations of Fortress Investment Group. The financial guru understands that the use of technology is one of the ways in which an organization can cut its expenditure and hence improving its revenue and profit.

Management of mergers and acquisitions is also another strategy that Wes Edens has adopted to enhance the performance of Fortress Investment Group. This is an art that he learned when he worked for Goldman Sachs, one of the most reputable financial institutions in the United States. Through the rigorous training that he underwent at the company, he managed to become competent in the subject and hence Fortress Investment Group has relied on him to purchase the various organizations that they have acquired in the past decade. The company has bought several companies with the aim of increasing its source of capital as well as boosting its assets under management.

Wes Edens has demonstrated excellent leadership skills during his tenure at the Fortress Investment Group. However, one thing that he understands is that he, together with the other leaders of the company, will not lead the company forever. There will come a moment when they would wish to retire due to various reasons that would arise. As a result, he has embarked on training program whereby he trains young employees of Fortress Investment Group in leadership. The primary objective of Wes Edens id to impart leadership skills to these individuals so that he can ensure a smooth leadership succession of the firm.

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Stream Energy: Doing More For Dallas

The city of Houston, Texas, had a rough time when Hurricane Harvey ripped through the area, leaving roughly 56 inches of water in its wake and devastation that many couldn’t fathom. It was this hardship that caused Dallas-based direct energy seller, Stream Energy, to spring into action. Although they were not the only ones to devote time, energy, and funds to the recovery of Houston, they were one of the first to do their part.


Stream Energy is no stranger to giving back, as they have built firmly bonded relationships with both Habitat For Humanity and the Red Cross. They also encourage their entrepreneurial staff to do the same by paying them to develop strong relationships with clients and providing a plethora of products and services to those clients; Employees who can do this consistently and successfully also receive a commission for their hard work. Recently, Stream Energy created their charitable branch, Stream Cares, to which both corporate level employees and direct sellers can choose the causes they wish to support.


It seems that one of the biggest causes that employees of Stream Energy are passionate about is helping the homeless population in their city of Dallas, Texas. By working closely with the non-profit organization, Hope Supply Co., Stream Energy employees were able to pay for the entrance fees and meal costs for over 1,000 homeless children to attend the Splash for Hope event. The event was hugely successful and was the first time that many of the children in attendance had visited a waterpark. Hope Supply Co. is able to donate many supplies that children need to have a meaningful childhood, such as diapers, clothing, supplies for school, and so much more thanks to companies like Stream Energy.


Another example of the generosity the staff at Stream displays is their quick action to assist the people of North Texas who lost everything in the tornadoes that ripped through their neighborhoods the day after Christmas, 2016. The associates working for the direct energy seller took matters into their own hands and worked closely with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars for the people of North Texas, and the corporate level matched them dollar for dollar, making all the difference in thousands of peoples lives.

International Investor Relations Expert Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry joined the Fortress Investment Group as its Global Head of Investor Relations after holding that same position at several other companies. His experience and dedication to providing clients with the type of service they need from their chosen financial investments firm is what made him the kind of successful asset manager that has been sought out to lead global relations at other companies such as Angelo, Gordon and Company, an independently owned partnership that is focused on managing credit, real estate and private equity investments, and that is headquartered in New York with offices in Europe and Asia.

While he was an executive at Fortress Investment Group, which was one of the world’s top highly diversified global investments management operations, Gareth Henry worked in both its US and London offices. His international relations skills was a big part of what helped the business grow into one of the largest private equity firms in the world, and become the first one to be traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange in February of 2007. During his two years at Angelo, Gordon and Company, the UK native, who has stated that client services is critical to the success of global investment management, helped the hedge fund firm manage approximately $28 billion in assets. He also worked at another money management company called Schroders as a Managing Director.

After graduating with honors from Heriot-Watt University in the UK, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics in 2001, Gareth Henry went on to become a Management Researcher at Watson Wyatt, a financial consulting firm. The highly experienced global relations manager further advanced his education when he became a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 2004 and a Fellow of Society of Actuaries in 2007. In order to become a Fellow of these institutions, applicants are required to have completed their studies at a college and earned a degree in their chosen major. They also have to have proven work experience in the business industry. Through his hard work as a student and an executive, Gareth Henry met all of those requirements.

Southridge Capital, LLC

Southridge Capital, LLC, is based out of Ridgefield, Connecticut. They deal primarily in the finance world as their name suggests, and specifically help people with investment management. This includes an array of varied services such as increasing credit scores, restructuring assets, mergers and acquisitions, scaling companies in size, help companies go from private to public, help with bankruptcy, accounting assessments, structured finance deals, and many more corporate actions.


Making their public presence known in 2010 on Twitter, yet established over two decades ago, Southridge Capital has made an impact on scores of companies through financing them: over 250, to be precise. Commonly tweeting about non-profit groups, up-and-coming deals, charity work, and miscellaneous financial dealings, Southridge has been committed to making their presence known and helping others. Check out for more.



The primary services offered by Southridge Capital are financial advice services and structural financing options. One large news outlets, PR News, has deemed Southridge as one of the best structured finance institutions in the country. Accordingly, the staff at Southridge is top notch as one would expect of a decades-in-the-making organization such as theirs. Stephen Hicks is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, and he is at the helm to steer the company in the right direction. Some of the other loyal and trustworthy corporate officers at Southridge include the likes of Chief Financial Officer Nadine Persaud, Director of Research Lawrence Ditkoff, Chief Operating Officer Henry B. Sargent, and Investment Portfolio Specialist Linda Carlsen.


All of the aforementioned individuals have been thoroughly vetted and pedigreed from respectable institutions, with years of experience in their fields. Each and every one of them partakes in their duties in order to create forward motion for Hicks and Southridge Capital, and does so with great skill as they have done over the decades in the greater New York Metropolitan area. You can visit for more.




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Briger Of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger began adult life by earning his B.A. from Princeton University and his M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Wharton School of Business. He began his career with Goldman, Sachs & Co in 1987. In 1996 he was made one of its partners. During his years with Sachs, he was charged with overseeing the business projects of a number of different areas. He also sat on several key committees. In addition, he was the lead in the Asian Distressed Debt Business. He left to join Fortress Investment Group in 2002.

Although he has added positions since that time, he has remained a member of Management Committee since he first came on board. He was appointed to its board of directors in 2006 and was made co-chairman of the board in 2009. He maintains this role and is one of the principals the company. He helps lead Fortress to work with both individual investors and investment groups. Briger’s primary current duty at Fortress is overseeing the credit fund and all real estate business. He also currently sits on the board of Caliber Schools, charters schools that have a focus on preparing students for college life.

Peter Briger sits on the board of Tipping Point, a charity that aids low-income people in the area. While this is his main philanthropic work, it is not his only one. Briger is a frequent contributor to a wide range of philanthropic causes. In 2015, Briger gave a substantial financial donation to his alma mater, Princeton, to help set up a funding program to help other university alumni entrepreneurs. This Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund was recommended by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee as a means to spur on Princeton’s entrepreneurship ideas. The university also started it because it serves to highlight Princeton’s overall educational mission.

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