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OSI Group development under CEO Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is one of the most successful companies in the United States. It is a company that has been in operation for more than a century. The company has been dealing with food production especially meat and eggs. The company has also been involved in the production of snack and protein foods. OSI Group does not package its item. Its only deals with supply to large chain stores. However, there are small quantities of protein foods that are packed and sold in the supermarkets. As the biggest food production company in the world, OSI Group is committed to producing good quality services to its clients. The group is also committed to preserving food safety at all times. The CEO of this group Sheldon Lavin has assured all clients that the company has the best food processing plants that have the best food production facilities to ensure that the safety of foods produced is guaranteed.

OSI Group has opened production plants in more than 65 locations all over the world. This is an achievement that is attributed to the management of Sheldon Lavin. As the head of the food production company, he has implemented measures that have made the company very successful. He has been at the forefront of making sure that only good foods are given to the public. The safety of the general public is his first priority.

Sheldon Lavin joined this company from the banking sector. He, therefore, brought expertise in the financial management of the company. He joined the company in 19870s. He found the company when it was under the management of two sons of the founder. He became the third and equal partner of the company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award
In 1955, OSI Group had won a tender to supply McDonald’s with hamburgers. This is when the star of this company started to shine. The company started to grow rapidly. As McDonald’s continued to grow, the demand for hamburgers also increased. This made this company to develop a special plant to process food just for the McDonalds. This would mark the start of development of this company. Over the years it has expanded its reach to more countries. The company which has its headquarters in Illinois have been in a continuous journey of development for many years now.

Sheldon Lavin gained full control of the company after the other members left the company. One sold his shares making him half the owner and later the other one retired. This left Sheldon Lavin as the only leader in charge of the company.


How Vincent Parascandola Leadership Skills Has Led To the Growth of AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is the current executive vice president of AXA advisors which is a limited liability company based in the united states. As the executive vice president, some of his responsibilities entail the recruiting, retention development of fresh and experienced financial professionals. Other than these duties Vincent Parascandola is also responsible for sales and product development at AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola prides himself of an exemplary career spanning more than 25 years in his field. When he started out, he was employed by Prudential insurance an agent back in 1987. Thanks to the hard work and dedication, he put to his work, on that same year Vincent Parascandola was named as the rookie of the year. In 1990, Vincent joined another insurance firm (MONY life) where he served in the positions of regional and local management positions before moving to AXA advisors.

Before assuming the role of the divisional president. Vincent Parascandola acted as the president of Advantage Group which is a subsidiary of AXA Advisors. The purpose of Advantage Group was to attract various skilled and seasonal professionals. Earlier Vincent was the co-manager of the firms New York Metro branch. This branch had 400 plus financial professionals at its disposal.

Vincent Parascandola exceptional leadership has earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. One perfect example is GAMA’s career development awards. Parascandola is also a highly sought after speaker within the financial industry. He has spoken at many corporate and industry conferences. He is also a member of GAMA and the former president of Florida chapter.

According to Rocketreach, Vincent Parascandola obtained his bachelor of science degree from Pace University in New York. Recently he returned to this institution and delivered a remarkable commencement speech for the class of 2014. AXA Advisors are the current brokers that serve as the distribution channel for Equitable life insurance firm which happens to be one of America’s premier providers of quality life insurance together with annuity merchandise. AXA Advisors currently has more than 6,000 financial professionals that provide tailor-made strategies and products that can be used for financial protection. These professional have the experience in asset allocation and real estate planning that helps AXAs clients meet their financial needs.

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The Story of the Success of David Giertz

David Giertz earned a B.S. from Milliken University and an Executive M.B.A. from the University of Miami. It was during these school years that he took a job at a store where he cleaned and waxed the floors after hours. This job taught him to work hard and at your best even if it is a menial task. After schooling, he first joined the Nationwide team in 1999 as its Regional Vice President in Miami. David Giertz was so successful in this role that in 2004 he was president of all of the Nationwide Finance. In this role, he has led the company to increase its revenue by several billion dollars.

He oversees the company’s strategy and distribution of financial products from development to their sale through various other financial businesses. David Giertz also sits on the boards of his alma mater, Millikin University, and the Broward County Girl Scouts. David Giertz said early on he recognized that people were quitting so much because they did not feel that they were appreciated by the management. This taught him the value of keeping employees aware that they were valued and maintaining communication with them. Not only did he increase employee retention on, but he also increased communication which resulted in the management gleaning some really good ideas from employees.

He also extends this to showing appreciation to business colleagues. He says he recently took a number of these colleagues out to dinner just to show his appreciation. He attributes his willingness to work hard for his great success on He also says having a positive outlook on life has helped him greatly. He says that keeping up to date with the latest in technology is always an important factor at He also keeps current with the daily news which he peruses as he begins each day with a healthy meal. But taking in news comprises an important part of most lunchtime as well, during which he looks over the daily business news. During the evening if there is no business dinner, he exercises before bed.

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Taking a Look at The Reputation Igor Cornelsen Has Built Amongst His Fellow Investors

Igor Cornelsen is one of the more trustworthy investors and financial advisers. One of the reasons is that he is someone who has a lot of experience when it comes to financial investing. He also knows what it means to make the different types of investments. For one thing, he has experience with different investment methods. He is successful in gaining interest in different accounts. Igor Cornelsen also is very successful in investing in different companies as well as different markets. He has a few secrets and tips that other people can benefit from which allows them to know how to profit.

One thing about investing in different markets at is that one has to do more than just put down money and go. One must also do the research on the company and the type of stock the person is buying. For one thing, there are a ton of different types of stocks that people could buy. Each of the different types of stocks offered by the company offers different types of features. For one thing, there are some stocks that offer dividends to the stockholders on This allows people to get some kind of award for holding on to the stock.

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Igor Cornelsen would also recommend the types of investments that are a bit lower in risk. One of the reasons that they are lower in risk is that they collect interest. There are also many different types of these accounts. For one thing, there are some features that people should look into such as compounding. This is one of the most popular features on that people could look into to increase the amount of money they gain as they hold onto the investment. One thing Igor could be trusted for is showing people the many different methods for earning money and saving a lot of money for retirement.

George Soros Influencing Other Investors To Go Bearish

George Soros, commonly known as “the man who broke the Bank of England,” has shocked the world again after going bearish and citing hard economic times in the future. Soros seems to feel negative about the future of the global economy and has also given a negative indication the U.S. economy will recover. He is the current chairman and the sole founder of the Soros Fund Management, which currently has over $24 billion under its management.

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At the end of the first quarter of 2016, Soros doubled his bet against the S&P 500 via a 2.1 million-share put option saying that he is not sure of the strength of the U.S.’s economic recovery plan. George Soros through his firm Soros Fund Management has cut its holding in the U.S. stock market by 37 percent just in the first quarter. This move has been taken by investors and analysts as caution while they invest in East countries like China.

In the first quarter of 2016, Soros bought $264 million worth of shares in Barrick Gold (ABX). The company is one of the world’s largest gold miner. Also, Soros bought 1.1 million options to for a stake in SPDR Gold Trust ETF, a firm that mirrors the price of gold. The price of gold so far has gained close to 21 percent. The rise in price has been attributed by the Brexit referendum where the British citizens voted to leave the European Union.

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Guru Soros Portfolio – 2016 Stock Picks and Performances

Indeed, the price of gold is known to rise when the world economies are volatile, and the good thing is that gold tends to retain its value over time due to its scarcity. Gold had an all-time high of $1900 in August 2011 after the recent 2008 financial crisis. As the price of gold rises so is the price of shares for mining companies. For instance, Barrick’s stock price have gone up by a massive 174% due to the weak jobs report. The company has also done some reorganization that has helped it improves its efficiency in its mining activities. Barrick has improved its internal efficiency, productivity, and reined in its debt.

It is possible that Soros would inspire many investors to be cautious in their investment considering he has made similar bets before and gained considerably. In September 1992 for instance, he placed a bet on the Great Britain Pound that the Bank of England would have to devalue the currency, and he turned out to be right. Soros is reported to have made a profit of $1 billion in that day of speculation. Investors who believe Soros is right in the current situation of the global economy are already taking bearish bets on the stocks.

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Tips on How to Invest in the Brazilian Stock Market

It is not an unknown fact that Brazil has the largest growing economy in South America. In addition to this, Brazil has been ranked as number 7 on the list of the World GDP Ranking of 2015. As Brazil’s economy grows and spreads, foreign investors turn their eye to becoming a part of the growing economy. Brazil not only has an abundance of usable natural resources, but also is one of the top food producers in the world. Recently, in news, Igor Cornelsen who is a Brazilian born investor, has sat down to provide tips to foreign investors who plan to expand a portfolio in Brazil.

Investment Tips for Foreign Investors

1.) Pay attention to the major players in Brazilian banks

As Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world and the largest economy in South America, Brazil is comprised of both private as well as public sectors that have created the economy. There are currently ten major privately as well as state owned investment banks that contribute to the growing economy says Cornelsen.

2.) Foreign investors will be beneficial in Brazil

With the recent appointment reported by disqus of finance minister, Joaquim Levy, there has been a noticeable growth within the Brazilian economy. Mr. Levy’s recent fiscal reforms are seen to be beneficial towards the private sector that may or may not lead to economic reform for the entire nation.

3.) Look closely at China

China is currently Brazil’s biggest trading partner. As a potential foreign investor, it is important to understand trading relationships that Brazil has with other nations. The relationship is a mutual relationship that if China has a strong economy, then Brazil has a strong economy. However, in addition to this, China is also Brazil’s largest competitor as it is a large distributor of goods among countries in Latin America. As a potential investor, keep an eye on all market connections as it will lead to a larger profit.

4.) Understand the currency in Brazil

Brazil currently has a overvalued currency. The overvalued currency has created a large current account deficit that has caused the exports of industrialized goods to lose its competitiveness. In order to avoid a fast depreciation, dollar swaps have been sold to local markets. Dollar swaps are currently being sold by the Central Bank of Brazil. The selling of dollar swaps has lead to an over-appreciated currency. As a potential foreign investor, it is important to understand that the current market will spark an increase in foreign investors. However, this will make the export of financial manufactured goods from Brazil more and more expensive. As a potential foreign investor, this is the time to becoming involved in the growing economy.