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Thor Halvorssen Tackles Democratic Socialism

Thor Halvorssen crusades for human rights around the world as the president and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation, and he uses his influence in the media to discuss topics that may be taboo. This article explains how Thor gives the world information about human rights and politics that may not be easily-available. He is willing to speak on subjects that are uncomfortable, and he explains them in a lovely manner.

What Is Democractic Socialism?

Thor describes democratic socialism as the government plan for countries such as Sweden and Finland. The countries use their tax dollars to provide services, and they offer more back to the people than a traditional government. He went on Fox News to answer this question, and he explained that all forms of socialism are different. He was willing to go to a place that did not necessarily welcome his views, and he explained like a gentleman.

Where Does The Human Rights Foundation Do Its Work?

The Human Rights Foundation works out of New York, and it is a lovely city to raise money. The city offers access to anyone who may help the foundation, and Thor loves living in the city because it is so open to new ideas. He works around the world as much as he can, and prefers to meet with world leaders on topics that ipact their regions.

The Finest People Help The Human Rights Foundation

Thor has built a board of directors that will help the mission of the charity move forward, and it helps the people of the world have the freedoms they deserve. It is quite a lot of fun for Thor to see the mission of the charity progress, and he wishes to bring in people who will help shine more light on the charity.

Thor Halvorssen is someone who feels for the people of the world, and he believes it is quite important to build the charity to reach even the most remote parts of the world. The efforts he puts forth have changed countries around the world that are learning to treat their people well.