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Using Leadership to Develop the Healthcare Industry

Using Leadership to Develop the Healthcare Industry

Many factors affect the service delivery of health care institutions. The leadership of a health institution matters because it is the foundation for its development. Healthcare institutions are deemed with esteem. They have to adhere to some of the basic values of the industry. The healthcare industry is a steep one because it deals with the health of human beings. This means that the image of a healthcare facility is detrimental. The clients keep off such places because they fear to lose their lives. InnovaCare Health is a healthcare service provider. This institution has embraced major strategies to promote its growth. The institution has won various awards because of its contribution to the society. This has developed innovative products that have facilitated its growth as a company and its impact on the society.

InnovaCare Health has embraced improved management to yield better results. It has put the right people in place for all department to work at their best capacities. Richard Shinto is the chief executive officer of the organization. He has skills and expertise in leadership and healthcare industry. This puts the organization in the best place in performance. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer. She enjoys delegating and managing people. This enables people to work with passion and motivation. She works with different people and has managed to help them develop as the company develops. This makes the employees at InnovaCare Health the best because she understands their needs. She has enabled the people to work towards achieving the mission and vision of the company.

The diverse products that are offered at InnovaCare Health have grown because the teams that were used understood the products and were willing to sell these products. The teams that work in her departments are trained to believe in the products. This enables the products to grow in the industry. The professional capacity of the employees also grow. Mike Sortino is the chief accounting officer. His skills and expertise enable him to develop the best solutions for the financial needs of the company. This increases the capacity of the company financially and enables it to grow. The different systems that are embraced by the firm have made it able to serve its clients and suppliers with professionalism. The company’s image has improved. It has become a business leader as result of the strategies that have been embraced by the enterprise.

Medicare Advantage and Contribution of the Obamacare Reforms

Medicare Advantage is a U.S. health insurance program that offers a substitute to the “Original Medicare” benefits, which was launched in 1970s. The program is made up of two parts, A and B. Part A takes care of expenses arising from in-patient services but does not cover those offered by physicians and surgeons. Part B covers services offered by surgeons and physicians as well as outpatient services. Medicare Advantage is provided by commercial insurance companies like InnovaCare Health. The companies receive compensation from the government to offer Part A and B benefits to those who have enrolled to the program. However, the insurance companies cannot process claims through the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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For more than four decades, Medicare beneficiaries have been receiving Medicare benefits via private health plans like HMOs. Each member of a Medicare health plan receives a capitation issued every month to the private health plan one has chosen like InnovaCare. All plans are supposed to reduce out-of-pocket costs for both parts of the Medicare Advantage program to less than $6,700 per year. Reaching the out-of-pocket maximum allows one to receive a 100 percent payment of services offered for the rest of the year, with no maximum limit. Note that once one enrolls to a Medicare Advantage HMO it’s not possible to choose out-of-network specialists or providers without prior permission from the HMO, unless it’s an emergency being addressed.

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The healthcare reform
The federal was government spending a lot to cater for Medicare Advantage, a program they through would help to improve the quality of healthcare through competition. Due to these inefficiencies, the government introduced the 2010 healthcare reform, popularly known as Obamacare, which would help to reduce federal remittances to the Medicare Program. The reform also increased the bonus payments and plans allowed to receive the bonus, all in a bid to reach more people.

Embracing Medical Advantage Through InnovaCare
InnovaCare provide managed health services and operates through Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. The company is headed by Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, who works as their president, and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. They specialize in connecting individual health providers with physicians, payers and patients to create a network that serve the interests of their members according to Penelope Kokkinides.

The Medicare Advantage plans offered by InnovaCare provide comprehensive benefits that help to build emotional and mental well-being. Every benefit provided to members is in line with their principles of transferring benefits and satisfaction.

Nobilis Health Corp- The Ultimate Leader in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare companies are progressing for the betterment of patients, like never before. They work extremely hard to ensure the best coverage and patient care as their most supreme life’s mission. As a matter of fact, due to their hard work, persistence, and expertise in healthcare, they do constant research in finding cures and/or to find a better quality of life for patients, if finding a cure is impossible. And as of now, the life expectancy of people has improved like never before. There are reports of people living as long as 120 years old now. That’s totally amazing, especially considering how things used to be- where the average life expectancy was as low as 35 to 40 years old once upon a time. And also, many people with dreadful diseases don’t look like it many times due to the advancement in healthcare. Many of these people are carrying on great quality in living for the most part anyway. And when a relapse occurs or their illnesses flare, they are able to get treatment immediately to regain that good quality of living. Yes, healthcare companies should be praised more for their commitment for the ultimate healthcare of patients. One particular healthcare company, that is really making great strides toward patients’ healthcare, is Nobilis Health Corp. Nobilis Health Corp is a publicly traded organization that’s on the Toronto’s TSX exchange. It is also a full service healthcare management and development company. Nobilis is an outstanding leader and innovator within the industry. They constantly strive to lower costs in healthcare delivery, to improve the satisfaction of patients, and to provide the most superior health care possible. They strategically partner with doctors to develop and manage ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), which accounts for the growing percentage of surgical procedures in the United States. Nobilis Health Corp. has a business model that is composed of maximizing opportunities for physician partners. As previously mentioned, they acquire quite a bit in ASCs along with surgeons acting as equity partners, and they assume the management responsibilities of the centers. They are always focused on driving more profitability to improve operating procedures and in marketing enhancements, and with maximizing organic growth within their centers. With this structure, surgeons are able to focus their attention where it’s needed to provide the highest standard in patient care. This, in turn, builds value within the ASC to benefit the surgeons and their shareholders.