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Growing a global awareness on issues affecting humanity

One of the largest and most organized groups in the world is Avaaz its name which means Voice in various languages indicates its core mandate as that one of giving a voice through campaigns to it members as well as the general population and in the process hope to effect change globally. In various areas such as conflict resolution and poverty alleviation, climate change, human rights, as well as corruption and bad governance.

Overseen by a board of directors that include Ricken Patel who is the organization’s president and assisted by Tom Pravda the current secretary, Eli Pariser board chairman, and Ben Brandzel the organization’s treasurer Avaaz is able to give a voice to its millions of followers who come from more than 30 countries in six different continents.

These members are responsible for funding the organization through their own contributions and in place denying corporations and other foundations the role of being the financiers who would then be in a position to influence the direction that the organization takes.

Avaaz has an internet model that lets it reach its millions of supporters as the age of internet communication coupled with other technologies has eliminated the global barrier that used to exist. Each year, Avaaz sets overall priorities through all member poll this is where all campaign ideas are pooled together and then emails sent out to the more than 10,000 members these members then give their opinion and feedback via email and the campaign ideas that have the strongest member support reach the implementation stage. This model has enabled Avaaz to give a lot of freedom to its members as they are able to independently make a choice on what to participate in and what not to. By empowering its members through this form of leadership the organization has been able to ensure that more cohesion is achieved and growth of the organization remains on a positive trajectory.