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Money from George Soros makes the Political World Go Round

In order for good politics to run, those in power need some money to back them. Politics is a very expensive thing, especially when you are running in America. Time and time again candidates go in search of the money needed to take that office. Over the years, Democrats have found a very open purse that is strongly in their favor, George Soros and read full article.

George Soros became a leftist during his time attending the London School of Economics, which he put himself through by working as a waiter and rail way porter. He would graduate from school and go start the Soros Fund Management. According the, that management fund has gained him a bet worth of $25.2 billion. This money would be invested into places that would disrupt republican agendas everywhere and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

According to Business Insider, George Soros has caused such ripples among the Republicans that many are now referring to him as their boogeyman. A few examples will show you why they are saying this.

George Soros, after seeing the destructive presidency of George W. Bush, in 2004 decided that he would come to John Kerry’s aid. Soros than donated $27 million to the cause of the Democrats. While this did indeed greatly boost John Kerry, Kerry ultimately fell short and what George Soros knows.

Soros understand that time heals most things. In this case, time would give him another chance to put a Democrat in the White House. In 2008, Soros decided to back the Illinois Senator, Barrack Hussein Obama. Soros originally was going to back his longtime friend, but for various reasons, felt that Obama would push a more liberal agenda than Clinton. Unfortunately, Soros found this to be untrue after Obama got elected. Soros soured on him. Soros left the political scene for the next eight years to the satisfaction of Republicans. However, when Trump looked like he was going to gain the nomination, Soros returned out of hiding and backed his friend Hillary Clinton to the sum of $25 million and learn more about George Soros.

Soros saw that not only was Clinton in trouble, but so was the entire Democratic Party. He then gave them several million dollars to help boost the election of Democrat senators.

Though the Democrats failed to defeat the Republicans in 2016, Soros decided to make the fight harder on the streets. Soros organized peace rallies in the streets in support of women’s rights and more information click here.

He also donated to the super Pac called Planned Parenthood Votes which specifically gives money to candidates who support abortions rights. He gave to Immigrant Voters Win which lobbies Congress to give Immigrants more voting rights. In addition, he backed a super Pac which seeks to destroy lying Republicans on the campaign trail by fact researching.

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