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The different acquisition made by OSI Group and the impact

There are so many companies in the world that deal with the food supply, but from the moment OSI Group was launched there have been able to maintain the value they add and becoming the largest in the food supply. The services that will be offered by the company is they are good at dealing with the organizations that deal with food, and it has been ranked in private owned company that as the largest. It has increased in the number of employees and facilities that they have because now they have 16 facilities in the 17countries and they have employed 20,000 people. They provide both brands in the restaurant services and retail services. They have one capability that has helped the company over the years, and that is producing the product to their clients that will add value.

OSI Group ensure that no matter what they do the needs f the client will come first, as soon as the challenges come up when they are working with any client they will try to solve it before it gets out of hand. With offering those services, it has been the main reason that they were listed in American’s Top 100 Food Companies. The primary functions that they will provide are that meat processing industry and food industry. Recently, it came to them that they can acquire other firms and with that, it would help in the gaining of profit. They had to come up with the necessary means of gaining Baho Food and Flagship Europe.

They went ahead to buy the warehouse in Chicago that was owned by Tyson, and he led the company in the processing of meat. Because of the cases of inefficiency, it led to the closing of the warehouse in 2015. All the companies will gain a lot in the acquisition like they will not have to deal with lacking any need and they will have direct access to the resources. For OSI Group they have the needed access when it comes to supplying chain. Having the required access to supply chain has helped the company in making sure that the customers get products that are of the best price, the foods will be safe, and they will fit the needs of the clients. Boha and Flagship they offer services in food production. Mainly the production of meat in the market in the form of retail. That is the reason why OSI Group acquired them.

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Sheldon Lavin: Award and other General Information

This will give information around the CEO, and Chairman of food company OSI named Sheldon Lavin. He is currently located in Chicago, Illinois. This is located in the region of the Great Lakes. Lavin is knowledgeable in how to lead and build business empires. He has specialization in financial operations that are large-scale. They allow companies to retain food supply chains which are complex. In order for Lavin to supervise the operations Lavin has been tracking a wide range of factors. Some examples are factors that are difficult to measure along with the price system like technological changes, consumer preferences, and resource shortages.

A little over two years on Thursday, March 3, 2016 Sheldon Lavin got from “India’s Vision World Academy” an award called the Global Visionary Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize visionaries in a variety of fields who bring their dreams to life. They do this by a demonstration of persistence and perseverance in order to accomplish the goals they have. Before Lavin join OSI he found great success in a finance career. After that Lavin had given guidance to the OSI Group from a domestic food company that was submissive that was global. It had over sixty locations in a total of sixteen countries. Finally, it is important to note that this is the fifth year the Academy has given honor to these prominent achievers with this award. It is utilized to make known their achievements and give inspiration to those in the next generation to walk in the same steps as them.

Now, a part of a recap of Sheldon Lavin from “Inspirery”. Lavin began to get into business after learning from school finance tricks. That led him to want to change the world by constructing companies that could give out to people the products and food they could utilize every day. In order for him to make this happen he decided to become a financial consultant. It is also important to note that he makes a majority of his money in the form of financial markets.

It took Lavin a year to get his first enterprise. For him a good key to a successful company is scaling. Something he also agrees on is a good business plan is important. If you have one that’s not good it could lead to a company easily loosing profits they have to unexpected costs.



Apart from being the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is the President of OSI International Food Limited. He has an excellent experience in the Meat Processing industry, having worked for OSI Group since its establishment in 1979. His prowess has enabled him to become a tycoon he is today. He is among the first people who founded the company; he financed the Otto $ Sons company. His primary goal was to make the Otto $ Sons a world class portfolio. The Otto $ Son is now what is known as OSI Group. Through his leadership and Vision, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has foreseen the growth and expansion of the OSI Group to an international standard.He has inspired many young people, and to them, he has showered what it means by leading and serving the people.

His accomplishments and Awards

Apart from making the OSI Industries company what it is now, he has been recognized by several Organisations for his work. The India’s Vision World Academy recognized him and awarded the entrepreneur with Global Visionary Award in 2016. Earlier, he was awarded the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award by the RSM US LLP for his commitment in helping the Chicago business community. Mr. Lavin has dedicated his time and energy to the welfare of the staff and the company itself. Mr. Lavin has been at the forefront in awarding the efforts of the employees and ensuring that their grievances are heard.

Mr. Lavin said he is honored to have received the awards and proud of helping the company achieve its international recognition as the largest food and meat processing company. Under his leadership, the OSI Group has been recognized by several international organizations. Several awards are under the name of the enterprise. Most of the awards are for environmental protection.

Although Lavin is a great inspiration to the young generation, he has no plans to retire. This is because he has more energy and will to work. Also, of being the President of OSI Group Lavin has time for charity work. One of his charitable work includes the Ronald McDonald House Charities.