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Wes Edens, The Shrewd American Entrepreneur

Wes Edens, the shrewd American entrepreneur

Wesley Robert Edens, popularly known as Wes Edens is one very successful businessman in the United States. He attended the State University of Oregon where he majored in Finance and graduated in 1984. He rose in ranks in 1998 when he took part in the founding of Fortress Investment Group. Prior to that, he was a successful partner at the Blackrock Financial Management Firm since 1993 and previously a partner and managing director at the Lehman Brothers Firm from 1987. He is currently an investor in several industries including fiancé, real estate, healthcare, media, transportation and sports as well.

Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group
• Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group

In addition to being a co-founder of Fortress, Wes served the company as the chief investment officer of the private equity department. He performed his role tremendously so much that he was named the King of Subprime Lending in an article by the Wall Street Journal after the led Fortress in the acquisition of Springfield financial lending, Centex Home Equity Company among other subprime lender companies that played a major role in the success of the company.

Edens was also the co-chief executive officer and co-chairman of the company.

Wes Edens and the sports industry
• Wes Edens and the sports industry

Wes is a known sports enthusiast which would explain his interest in the industry. In collaboration with the Egyptian Billionaire entrepreneur Nassef Sawiris, Edens purchased 55 percent of the stakes of the British soccer club; Aston Villa. As the new largest shareholders of the club, Wes and Nassef have been named co-chairpersons in coordination with the previous principal, Tony, a businessman from China. Wes is determined to help the club reach its full potential by paying keen focus on its management, methods of practice and training and most importantly a keen and crucial analysis of its players.

Wes Edens has also been a successful co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team for some years now.

Wes and the transportation industry
• Wes and the transportation industry

Edens has played a vital role in the acquisition of the Brightline train. The train is the one of the privately owned and operated passenger rail systems in the United States. Brightline runs routes between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and has recently extended to magic city in the quest to provide passengers with a green and friendly form of transport.

The train is fitted in with power outlets, leather seats, USB ports, Wi-Fi, and food services as well. The success of Brightline is likely to lead to an increase in real estate prices in the areas it routes which means more accomplishments for Wesley who is also an investor in real estate.

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Fortress Management Investment Group Has A Positive Outlook Going Into The Future

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest alternative asset managers on the planet, and the company manages more than $43.6 billion in 2017. Fortress was founded and launched in 1998 by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone and launched on the NYSE in 2007. The company was originally founded as a private equity firm but moved rapidly into working with hedge funds, debt securities, and investments in the real estate arena. The company has the distinction of being the first, ever, large private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. In 1999, Fortress Investment Group launched the Fortress Investment Fund, and in the year 2000 the company launched the Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund.During the 2002 calendar year, the company created the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund and the Drawbridge Global Macro Fund and launched Fortress Investment Fund II.

In 2007, Nomura was added on as a strategic partner, and the Fortress Investment Fund V was launched. In 2008, Fortress put out the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund and the the Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund along with the first Yen denominated fund. The company also began to manage accounts and funds that were managed by D.B. Zwirn & Co prior to 2009. In 2010, Fortress purchased Logan Circle Partners and Fitch Ratings gave the company a phenomenal BBB grade rating. In 2011, the company opened offices in San Francisco, Singapore, and Shanghai, and also launched the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund III, the Fortress Asia Macro Fund, the Worldwide Transportation & Infrastructure Fund, and the Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds.

In 2018, Fortress Investment Group decided to purchase a SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach. The company paid $66.4 million for the 769,000-square-foot SuperValu facility that is part of an over 50 acre site that was constructed in the early 1970’s. SuperValu has announced that it is selling seven other facilities along with this one, and these are located in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois. This is just one of the more recent moves that the Fortress Investment Group has made, and the company is looking to continue its expansion in the future. Fortress is also now managing $6.5 billion in private equity; which are sector-specific and general buyout funds, $7.8 billion in permanent capital vehicles, $15.1 billion in credit private equity, and $8.9 in credit hedge funds that include opportunistic lending situations & distressed assets like corporate securities, assets, and loans.

Get best loans with Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings is a business organization which offers services to a high number of people who have been kicked out by the commercial banks. Equities First Holdings has introduced a new way of doing business that is far much effective than what the commercial banks are doing . With shares in any publicly traded company, Equities Holdings is the right destination when looking for a loan opportunity. Right now, this is the fastest growing financial institution in the globe. It is serving people with flexible loans which they can repay with ease. The company has opened offices in various parts of the world which include Melbourne in Australia.

The Melbourne office is one of the best performing of all. It is giving out billions of loans and serving hundreds of clients every year.Equities First Holdings is now leading in delivery of services. It is the best institution right now which is offering stock –based loans. With shares in a publicly traded company, a client will walk into their offices ad come out with a solution form their financial needs. With the advantages that come with stock based loans, they have gained traction as one of the best ways for one to get a loan.

PSI Pay: The U.K.’s Leading FinTech Company

PSI pay a financial payment solutions company has been in operation since 2007. The company has emphasized transparency efficiency and clarity and are driven by a professional team of industry experts with extensive experience in the banking and payment industry.

They were licensed as a payment institution in the year 2007 and were authorized as an electronic money institution in 2011 they are currently monitored authorized and regulated by the financial conduct authority to issue electronic money throughout the European Union.

The business philosophy of PSI pay is the empowerment of their partners to do their best ability everything it is that they do whether it be sales marketing distribution or management of their payment programs. With a specialization in the management of activities involving MasterCard, they are able to offer any level of support needed by their partners depending on the required regulatory level.

PSI pay is dedicated to innovation within the payment industry of financial services and just announced a partnership in 2016 with the company Kerv wearables and are now in the process of developing the world first contactless payment ring which will be available worldwide. This partnership will allow the use of the contactless payment ring in over 38 million locations across the globe. In addition to contactless payments users of the product may also be able to use their virtual card to make virtual purchases. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated in an interview that they are incredibly pleased to have been able to work with Kerv. They are excited to have been able to create a unique new payment device that is not only more convenient but has more features in regards to transport data sharing and control.

PSI pay the United Kingdom’s leading regulated financial technology company was happy to announce that 2015 was its best fiscal year on record. They have been able to complete a strategic overall as well as develop new and improved robust supplier relationships as well as of more significant investment in technological abilities with a particular specialization in the security of the technology. For the year of 2015, the volume of business was increased by 29% with income revenues of bio astounding 45%. Phil Davies, the managing director of PSI pay, stated that this has been due to a concerted team effort and demonstrated the quality of the staff they have. With the primary drivers for the growth being there professional promotional campaigns in the successful launch of affiliate programs in addition to their expansion into new countries of operation.

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From Hungary, to New York, and Now to the Entire World: How George Soros Is Positively Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Open Society Foundations, a New York-based philanthropic organization, has been at the heart of George Soros’ huge donations. The organization, which ranks 2nd among America’s charity and philanthropic groups is said to have received not less than $18 billion from the American Hungarian billionaire since it was incepted. Such huge donations have placed George Soros right at the center of global socio political conversations, with some critics feeling uncomfortable with it. They are particularly disturbed by the fact that Soros is the first donor in the history of America’s philanthropic organizations to donate $18 billion or more to a single organization.

George Soros is a key advocate of human rights, equity, fairness, and good governance across the world. Soros played an instrumental role in the establishment of the Open Society Foundation about three decades ago, and he has walked with it in every step of the way. Thanks to his financial support, the organization has managed to establish bases in more than 120 countries. In the United States, in particular, Open Society has stood in defense of gays and lesbians over the years. This is in line with Soros’ belief that no one should be victimized or looked down upon by their sexual orientation. The organization also assisted medical practitioners in the fight against Ebola three years back. For his part, Soros made a personal donation of $10 million to quell the rising hate crimes that were witnessed in the aftermath of last year’s highly emotive America’s presidential vote. He was in some instance quoted saying that the election awakened some sleeping dark forces and they had to be stopped.

Political Involvement and Criticism

As part of his political involvement, George Soros has been a key ally to the Democrats and has in the past donated for campaigns against the Republicans. In last year’s election, for example, he made a substantial financial contribution towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Republican’s Donald Trump. This has not been going down well with the Republicans who have accused him of injecting undue influence to America’s political equation. Breitbart is particularly against Soros’ style of philanthropy and has on several occasions criticized him on its website over several issues.

Criticism notwithstanding, Soros has had his fair share of positive reviews and support from different quarters. National Philanthropic Trust’s Eileen Heisman, for example, defends Soros arguing that taking a stand and supporting it should not be the basis of criticism. Patrick Gaspard, the soon-to-be president of the Open Society Foundations, has also stood in the past in solidarity with Soros saying that his open opposition to President Trump and other Republicans is warranted. Ford Foundation’s Mr. Darren Walker, on the other hand, believes that Soros’ impact in global justice is unmatched.

Soros’ Early Life

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary 87 years back. He experienced the ruthless Nazi rule in his home country before relocating to Europe and later to the United States. After settling in New York, he managed to establish himself as a bold investor and hedge fund manager. In the early 90s, his boldness bore fruits when he won a $1 billion investment bet against the pound.

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Freedom Financial Assesses the Breach of Equifax

It was recently discovered that Equifax, one of the three United States credit monitoring bureaus, was affected by a major breach. In this breach, which is suspected to have affected 143 million Americans, nearly half of the United States population, personal information, such as social security numbers, addresses, as well as birth dates, have possibly been exposed by hackers. In the wake of this major security breach, Andrew Housser released a list of steps that you can take in order to safeguard yourself from exposure due to the breach.

In order to discover whether you have been affected by the recent breach of Equifax, it is encouraged that you visit the Equifax website. In visiting the Equifax website, you will be able to gain a complete understanding of the entire situation involving the breach, as well as the extent to which you have been affected. Registering for free credit monitoring, which will be available until November 21st, is highly recommended, as it will keep you abreast of your personal credit situation during these uncertain times. In contacting Equifax through their website, you may also receive a copy of your personal credit report, putting a freeze on it if you choose to do so. In putting a freeze on your credit report, any person attempting to falsely gain credit on your name should be unsuccessful, as it will be flagged. Utilizing the services of an online financial provider can offer solutions for dealing with issues regarding the recent breach.

Freedom Financial Network was started in 2002 by co-CEOs, Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh, and quickly rose to the forefront in the world of online financial services. Today, it operates with over 1,800 teammates and has helped to resolve of seven billion dollars of debt. The team hopes of continue helping to resolve debt for its customers, increasing the number of teammates in the process.

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Marc Sparks and the God Factor

When it comes to inspiration, Marc Sparks, a venture capitalist that knows how to get the sale. His work was not the typical path for a venture capitalist. Most of them start out with a degree in finance or business. They then follow with an MBA in one of the two, or a law degree. After graduation, they will normally work for a financial institution which they interned in during college. That’s not what Marc Sparks did. Immediately after graduating from high school, he started working as a venture capitalist. Learn more:


His focus has always been on service to others. He believes in God, and this is the most important part for him. He used that motivation successfully for thirty years. His mentorship grew into a company that helped to get startup companies started. Even though many of those companies failed, many succeeded. Sparks never gave up trying to help the people that came to him for a role model. Learn more:


The networking that he fostered was amazing considering how simple his plan was from the start. It worked very well. He created a place that people could meet, have meetings and provide presentations for the purpose of starting a new company. There are other tips too, that he passes on to the participant.


– Create a business plan.

– Network

– Test out the business plan in a presentation.


It doesn’t stop there though. After that, the next step is to present the plan to the perspective investors. That meeting is held at the company that Sparks created. It is a peaceful location where the participants can be comfortable. In that location, they are able to better able to feel comfortable. Branching out can happen as well, of course, but the location is always available.


There are some basic steps as well. They fall along the line of tips really. The first one is based on what works for a presentation. The advice is to not use fancy presentations for the meeting. The idea is that media presentations typically fail. They can experience trouble in function with electrical, media or any other aspect.


Keep the presentation precise as well. You don’t want to bore the participants with things that might seem important to you, which are boring to them. Nobody wants to sit through a long presentation. So the idea is to only touch on the highlights of the important facts. It can be highly effective.


Marc Sparks has done this for years now. Thirty, to be exact, and will pursue this for future entrepreneurs as well. It is a service that is still focused on a mission. Sometimes that can be the most effective way to reach someone. It helps motivate for sure. Learn more: