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Top Financial Services Firm Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is one of the financial services firms that specializes in corporate finance. The firm has spent over two decades serving corporations and institutional clients. During the last two decades, Southridge Capital has proven itself as a leading capital management and advisory form for many corporate clients. Any company that works with Southridge Capital has been able to take advantage of a number of services that have helped them grown and prosper. Southriedge Capital’s services range from advising to funding and to commercial real estate. In 1996, Southridge Capital was founded and currently has two main office locations in both Connecticut and New York City. The firm is currently headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut.


Corporate clients who are looking to work with Soutridge Capital will be able to take advantage of a number of different types of services. One of the types of services offered by Southridge Capital is advising. The firm provides advice to clients who are looking to manage their capital and their debt. With the advisory services available, clients of this firm can take advantage of balance sheet optimization, bankruptcy advice, and mergers and acquisitions. The next type of service offered by the firm include funding which entails providing capital to issue stock on the exchanges. With the funding services, clients can purchase debts and complete equity swaps to get the funding they need for raising capital. Lastly, the firm offers commercial real estate space for clients to use when looking for a place to conduct their business operations.


The firm is currently managed by a number of executives who have a lot of experience and expertise in the field of finance. One of these executives is Stephen Hicks who founded the firm and who also serves as its chief executive officer. Hicks began Southridge Capital after working in the financial sector for many years. He has over 30 years of experience in the field and therefore has a lot of expertise to offer to clients. As the chief executive officer, Hicks sets the goals and policies to run the firm. He is also involved in both daily management as well as business development. Prior to founding Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks worked at a firm specializing in hedge funds. You can visit their facebook page for more details.





Fortress Management Investment Group Has A Positive Outlook Going Into The Future

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest alternative asset managers on the planet, and the company manages more than $43.6 billion in 2017. Fortress was founded and launched in 1998 by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone and launched on the NYSE in 2007. The company was originally founded as a private equity firm but moved rapidly into working with hedge funds, debt securities, and investments in the real estate arena. The company has the distinction of being the first, ever, large private equity firm to be publicly traded in the United States. In 1999, Fortress Investment Group launched the Fortress Investment Fund, and in the year 2000 the company launched the Fortress Brookdale Investment Fund.During the 2002 calendar year, the company created the Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund and the Drawbridge Global Macro Fund and launched Fortress Investment Fund II.

In 2007, Nomura was added on as a strategic partner, and the Fortress Investment Fund V was launched. In 2008, Fortress put out the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund and the the Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund along with the first Yen denominated fund. The company also began to manage accounts and funds that were managed by D.B. Zwirn & Co prior to 2009. In 2010, Fortress purchased Logan Circle Partners and Fitch Ratings gave the company a phenomenal BBB grade rating. In 2011, the company opened offices in San Francisco, Singapore, and Shanghai, and also launched the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund III, the Fortress Asia Macro Fund, the Worldwide Transportation & Infrastructure Fund, and the Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds.

In 2018, Fortress Investment Group decided to purchase a SuperValu distribution center in Pompano Beach. The company paid $66.4 million for the 769,000-square-foot SuperValu facility that is part of an over 50 acre site that was constructed in the early 1970’s. SuperValu has announced that it is selling seven other facilities along with this one, and these are located in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois. This is just one of the more recent moves that the Fortress Investment Group has made, and the company is looking to continue its expansion in the future. Fortress is also now managing $6.5 billion in private equity; which are sector-specific and general buyout funds, $7.8 billion in permanent capital vehicles, $15.1 billion in credit private equity, and $8.9 in credit hedge funds that include opportunistic lending situations & distressed assets like corporate securities, assets, and loans.

Get best loans with Equities First Holdings Australia

Equities First Holdings is a business organization which offers services to a high number of people who have been kicked out by the commercial banks. Equities First Holdings has introduced a new way of doing business that is far much effective than what the commercial banks are doing . With shares in any publicly traded company, Equities Holdings is the right destination when looking for a loan opportunity. Right now, this is the fastest growing financial institution in the globe. It is serving people with flexible loans which they can repay with ease. The company has opened offices in various parts of the world which include Melbourne in Australia.

The Melbourne office is one of the best performing of all. It is giving out billions of loans and serving hundreds of clients every year.Equities First Holdings is now leading in delivery of services. It is the best institution right now which is offering stock –based loans. With shares in a publicly traded company, a client will walk into their offices ad come out with a solution form their financial needs. With the advantages that come with stock based loans, they have gained traction as one of the best ways for one to get a loan.

Get The Benefits Of Growing Your Finances In A Secure Account

Becoming a part of a reliable financial network is a great opportunity to ensure that your money is working for you. NexBank is backed with over $40 million dollars in assets and are proudly expanding the personal growth of their financial institution. They are spearheaded by John Holt, president and CEO and he is adamant about bringing other leadership professionals to his team. Their stock holders are confident about their expansion and backs them up 100%. Your money has the opportunity to experience maximum growth while sitting in a savings account and earning 1.9% interest. They ensure that their customers are their number one priority.

NexBank Customer Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Anytime access

– Transfer money in between accounts

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

– Commercial accounts

and more…

There are other local financial institutions that charge lengthy fees that cause you to end up paying out a large portion of your hard earned money. Celebrity endorsed financial institutions always trickle down the cost of hiring a celebrity to their customers in fees. Avoid these fees by becoming a member of the highly popular NexBank financial institution. Their growth is due to their high level of customer service and not celebrity advertisements.

Are you experiencing huge student loan debt? NexBank offers their customers over 1,600+ college savings programs that are used by hundreds of students and their parents. These features are available through a partnership with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. They are proud to assist their customers in college tuition and expenses. You can also learn more about their first-time homeowner program offered through NexBank and Dallas, based Habitat For Humanity. Get lower interest rates and monthly mortgage payments by visiting the exclusive NexBank website today.

How To Choose A Reliable Financial Institution

When choosing a bank or other financial institution, it’s imperative to consider reputation and types of service offered. Nexbank is one of the leading financial institutions in the industry and comes highly recommended.

NexBank Capital is a reputable financial institution in Dallas, Texas, that provided a wide variety of financial products and services. Nexbank announced the completion of their $54 million deal, involving its subordinated notes and certain high net worth investors.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable or reputable bank in the Dallas, Texas, area you need to consider Nexbank. Whether you want to leave your current bank or you are moving and want to start with a new bank, it’s extremely important to do your research before choosing one.

Choosing a bank is not something to be handled lightly. Many people like to choose a single financial institution for all of their banking needs, so it is advisable to do your research and consider your needs before selecting a financial institution.

For checking, consider getting an account with no monthly fee. Some financial institutions, as an incentive for customers to keep their retirement and savings accounts in the same place, allow customers to avoid monthly fee if they maintain a minimum balance across all the accounts.

If you want a bank for personal accounts only, your needs may be different than a person who wants a bank for business as well. Also, you may want to take into consideration whether or not you will need a car loan or mortgage.

By determining what services or financial products you know you need, it will become easy to narrow down your choices. Also, make sure to gather information from several financial institutions so that you can review it at your convenience, and always look for a bank that is insured.

Nexbank is a highly regarded bank is a great choice for residents of Dallas and surrounding areas. Nexbank has been providing excellent services and numerous customer rave about the top notch service they receive from the team of professionals at this bank.