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Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Sets Her Sights on a New Business Venture

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere has been spending the last decade of her life dedicated to her makeup company. She’s made a number of creative and wonderful products. She oversaw the creation of unicorn lipstick. She made a number of new lip colors and eye palettes. She even produced an array of bright and fun hair color products. While Lime Crime was her major entrepreneur focus, Doe Deere has set her sights on new goals.

Doe Deere decided she would focus more on her new endeavor by walking away from Lime Crime makeup company. She also viewed that walking away to allow a bigger company to steer Lime Crime into the future would help the brand to grow. The company was sold to Tengram Capital by Doe Deere. She has not completely walked away yet, as she retains a seat as a creative consultant on the Lime Crime board. The new endeavor Doe Deere has chosen to pursue is her jewelry line named Poppy Angeloff. She has been using the business to pursue her goals as a fashion designer. She has long had a history of fashion design since she first came to the United States. Her jewelry is a body positive option to fashion. Women of all sizes can look good and feel good with a piece of jewelry on their finger or around their neck. So far, Poppy Angeloff has been releasing beautiful Soulmate rings and a purple floral Pansy ring.

Doe Deere has always had an entrepreneur mind and heart. She has been this way ever since she first came to the United States as a young woman with her family. Her mother and sister spent those early years with her in the new country. They were barely getting by. These struggles taught Doe Deere she would have to risk everything to pursue her dreams as an American. Everyday with her business she has learned how to risk and how to struggle for her work to finally pay off as it has with her Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff businesses.

The RealReal, taking over the fashion industry through high-quality luxury consignments

The announcement that the Real Real’s next round of private financing is the last before the company becomes an IPO has become music to our ears because the company often goes on and secures another investment before making the IPO move. However, according to a recent financing move made by the Real Real’s CEO, Julie Wainwright, this time the case might be different. According to various Recode secret sources, Mrs. Wainwright recently made a $100 fundraising pitch to various prominent investors for a new funding project.

Even though the motive behind the fundraising is not yet clear because the RealReal’s CEO Mrs. Wainwright is yet to release a public announcement stating the reasons, already there are various speculations making rounds online. For instance, some people think that the RealReal is making the pitch so it can use the money and fuel itself to an appealing level for public investors and buyers.

Alternatively, it could be also pitching this fundraiser because it has realized that the market in which it operates in is much broader than it initially thought. In respect to that if it successfully manages to raise the money, then the company in conjunction with the participating investors will be able to successfully expand their horizons by investing in more growth.

About the RealReal

The RealReal is a household name in the world of fashion and specializes in second-hand luxury consignments. As mentioned, it operates under the consignment model in which sellers send second-hand luxury clothes from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci to it and in return it markets and sells them at a certain price. After this, the proceeds are often divided at a rate of 50 to 60% between the RealReal and the individual.

It was established in 2011 by Julie Wainwright and initially, it was a women’s luxury fashion company but business seems to be doing quite well because since then it has ventured into other areas of fashion such as jewelry, menswear, home décor, and art.

However, it has not been all sunshine and rainbow for the RealReal as it had quite a rough start. For instance, most luxury clothing companies often considered it the enemy as it would make sales out of their second-hand products.

Fortunately, times have changed and now most of them are now embracing its concept as it helps them increase their sales. It does so by boosting the value of second-hand products which in turn encourages shoppers to see even more value in buying them firsthand.

Today the company is quite successful and has generated over $173 million in revenue since its inception. It is also trusted by hundreds of its customers for selling original products. It ensures that all the products it receives for selling or original by carrying out a thorough authentication process before accepting them as part of its inventory. It has both a physical and an online shop in New York and boasts quite a state of the art physical store whose interior was designed by the famous Courtney Applebaum.

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The versatile Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that was co-founded by Kate Hudson in conjunction with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The genesis of Fabletics is in October 2013 when it started offering fresh and new services to the clients. Fabletics deals in various types of wear that fits with the customers’ taste, fashion, and preference. The available is quite representative of the clothing come in all shapes and sizes. They offer sales on clothes such as leggings. They provide active wear for all ages and in a variety of sizes. Fabletics expanded to Europe and France in July 2014 and the services that were given were quite exquisite. The excellent service the company provides has earned it the massive reputation that spans all the years that it has been around. Fabletics provides different types of activewear ranging from the clothes for leisure activities or even athletics. Fabletics covered Canada in September 2014. They could ship to different destinations in the world including Australia. Fabletics can be found in the Netherlands and Spain. Fabletics is a company that has been tried and tested. Fabletics has local dealers who transact locally in the various retailers.

Fabletics has a deep knowledge of the various wears and they have huge leverage on reaching out and then getting the feedback fast. Fabletics has online interfaces that offer reviews from customers. The type of reviews given determines the outcome of the whole process. An excellent mastery of the manipulation of the people is an asset that Fabletics touts. Fabletics has master5d the art of crowdsourcing where the products of the company are accessed online by different people and then the member leave a review of the product in many ways. The good reviews are as a result of efficient reviews that are received from the pool of customers The reviews done by an individual may determine the extent up to which the acquiring of the products reviewed will be taken care of and the customer reliability and loyalty is determined.

The reviews by customers and retention capacity Fabletics helps to market and sell the other related goods. That will improve the level of the business as the framework is always in place at any time. The more serious and heavy the review of the products online translates into more democratic space to source other similar services at a more or less the same price though in a more convenient way. The number of followers that are found on the particular account will eventually determine the probability of the business is viable or not because the end result is based on the kind of reviews that are found there. The trust vested in the reviews allows more purchases by the clients because the client has most of the information at hand.

Genuine reviews enable a business to grow financially. This is because many prospective customers will rely heavily on the available data and the drawing their purchasing from the availability of the commodity and the existence of discounts. The reviews submitted to the give the status of Fabletics are vital to the lifespan and impact the company has on many people.

How Fabletics Is Leveraging The Power of The Crowd To Win With Millennial

It seems that running a successful business in today’s extremely competitive retail market is about building an incredibly resilient brand and being responsive to consumer feedback.One of the hallmarks of the ever elusive millennial consumer that some large companies seem to be failing at is understanding that these consumers want an experience and to feel as though they can trust the companies that they are spending their hard-earned money on. One of the reasons that athleisure wear is predicted to grow as a market while other parts of the retail industry are suffering is because they have an emphasis on lifestyle, something that is important to a group of consumers whose buying power is only slated to grow as they years go by. These consumers are interested in lifestyle, are responsive to strong brands and expect to be able to speak their minds. The masterminds behind the successful ecommerce company Fabletics seemed to recognize this and seize upon it.


Fabletics is a fitness apparel company that was birthed from a collaboration between actress Kate Hudson and the founders of the ecommerce giant Techstyle Fashion Group Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. When Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler came up with the idea to start another brand they reached out to Kate Hudson to help them build the company. That decision turned out to be an excellent strategic move as Kate Hudson embodies the ethos that defines Fabletics and draws in new customers. Hudson is invested in living an active lifestyle, empowering women and in being authentic in a way that translates well to Fabletics’ target customers. Even though Hudson is the face of the company and appears often in its marketing materials she is far from hands off. One of the many secrets to running a successful company that Hudson shared with CNBC involved being actively involved in one’s business. Hudson keeps track of sales numbers and is aware of which pieces of Fabletics clothing are flying off its electronic shelves and which pieces aren’t.


Another key to running a successful ecommerce company that Hudson shared in her CNBC interview is the ability to identify what is known as white space opportunities. White space opportunities refer to business opportunities that have yet to be identified. There was a need for athleisure wear that would be accessible to consumers at lower price points and Kate Hudson and the team behind Fabletics recognized this. For instance they were willing to recognize that plus size customers were looking for affordable and fashion-savvy athleisure apparel and made sure to develop options for this market segment. Customers can take a survey that allows them to select their size and body type.


Fabletics is also succeeding in an incredibly difficult market place because it is leveraging the power of the crowd to its benefit. Nowadays the reviews that customers leave about businesses online can shape potential customers’ decisions about whether or not to give their business to a particular company. The saying goes that the key to a stable retail business is getting repeat customers and referrals. Fabletics understands that repeat customers and referrals will likely be driven by the quality of its online reviews in this new retail environment. Fabletics also uses online reviews as a valuable barometer for understanding how customers are responding to its brand and tries to incorporate feedback from reviews into how it manages its company.

Fabletics Finds Success in Reverse-Showroom Techniques

Fabletics is a huge brand in the fashion industry. It specializes in athletic clothing. Forbes published an article talking about how the company is using reverse showroom techniques to get more sales. These techniques entail comparing prices from different online stores to get the cheapest quality products. Initially, the strategies were thought to minimize sales in physical stores. However, Fabletics has used them to build a successful brand. The company launched an online store that allows them to foster brand loyalty and develop strong relationships with the buyers.


Recently, Fabletics said that online stores help brick-and-mortar enterprises build their client base. They collected data from their physical shops to determine the performance of their web-based store. The data revealed that more than 55% of the buyers had signed up for Fabletics’ online membership program. About 20% of those without memberships applied for the program as they shopped at the company’s physical stores.


Fabletics experiences the benefits of the reverse-show technique because it has already established an online presence. The brand’s representatives also stated the online store has enabled them to reach more clients and build a great rapport with them. Many of the customers now know about the quality of the clothes they buy from Fabletics, thanks to the company’s website.


Fabletics has appeared in several publications because of its ability to turn negative aspects of stores into profitable factors. The reverse-showroom techniques have helped Fabletics to become a leading fashion brand. Also, it has enabled them to expand their business and add more services to cater to the needs of their ever-growing client base. Many companies imitating Fabletics’ business model because they’ve realized that a good online presence can enable them to increase their sales. The representatives of the brand said that Fabletics was planning to open up more shops across the United States.


A separate article on Forbes Magazine talked about Kate Hudson involvement with the leading athleisure brand. When TechStyle’s founders were thinking about establishing an athleisure brand in 2013, the first person they thought of was Kate. They chose her because she was hard working and passionate about fashion. Kate Hudson helped turn the idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise.


Her experience and knowledge continue to be valuable assets to Fabletics. The entrepreneur didn’t come up with the idea of the reverse-showroom techniques. Big companies such as Apple have been using the strategy for many years. Nonetheless, Ms. Hudson was the first business owner to apply the concept on an apparel web-store.

“Slay” Your Modeling Career With Brown Modeling Age

Do you dream of becoming a model? Is it the glamour or is it the guts? If you’ve got all of the above, and you don’t mind delving into the competitive beauty and fashion industry, it’s time you started getting your ducks in a row.

  1. Skip the Selfie – Build a Portfolio

If you want to model, we know you have a Facebook full of selfies, right? Unfortunately, everyone and their mother does too! To truly shine and stand out from the crowd, build an excellent portfolio. Invest in a great photographer and work magic. Keep it stunningly simple with make-up and dress. Take shots in simple settings with neutral colors. Wear clothing that isn’t flashy, and make sure the background isn’t too distracting – you want all eyes on you! If you’re a beginner, don’ t try complicated poses. Be relaxed, and present yourself honestly with a fresh face.

  1. Set Your Standards

Before you get into the beauty industry, know what your standards are. While modeling, you are bound to find an agency, photographer, or company that wants you to slip off a bit clothing. If you aren’t comfortable with that, be content in knowing that it may take a while to find consistent career matches for you. If you’re willing to go that extra mile now, make sure you still set appropriate boundaries for yourself so you keep your love and passion for the trade flowing. Set your standards now and re-evaluate when necessary.

  1. No One is a Free Agent

Seek out an agent. As MarketWired suggests, that portfolio you make will come in handy! Going it alone is next to impossible in this day and age. You’ll need to align yourself with an agent who knows the ropes and is willing to jump in the ring for you if and when necessary. Do your homework on the industry and seek out an agent that is right for you, and a company that mirrors your values. Make sure that you can communicate professionally, and honestly without the tinge of hopeless desperation, this will give you practice in negotiating your pay later on.

  1. Safety First

There are many, many stories of agents finding models in clubs, malls, shopping stores, libraries…well not so much in libraries, but you get the picture. Make sure you always keep your safety in mind. It is better to make a connection with a reputable source than to find yourself posing for a fraud. This is where Brown Agency comes in. A fresh face in the industry, coming to Austin in Spring 2010, they’ve already established themselves as professionals. Check them out at


Lime Crime Engages With Millions Through Instagram


Doe Deere, who is Lime Crime’s Founder and CEO was also a pioneer of the internet cosmetic career representative who introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch. Her unique presentation of this brand shows various shades of lipstick colors on actual lips rather than presenting colors that are crushed up or swiped on a blank sheet of paper.

This clever internet CEO has applied this technique for eight years and still continues to use this unique and creative strategy to continue giving her consumers and fans an exciting and engaging social media experience throughout the world. Promoting her creative and fun brand through Instagram is one way that Doe gives this cosmetic the opportunity to excel at it’s finest by allowing make-up lovers to enjoy an intriguing shopping experience across the globe.Many companies use social media site to primarily promote their product, but our goal is to actually engage with our audience by creating a connection with the community.

With that being said, many of our followers post a range of photos showing their creativity and style with various lip shades and beautiful nail art. Not only does this highlight each individual’s creativity but it also gives others inspiration to share their uniqueness with the world. The company hopes that this type of engagement on this universal platform will inspire all of their fans across the world to be fearless when it comes to showing of their latest hair and makeup trends and hopefully this will inspire us as well. We use the photos of our Instagram followers on so that we can show our audience how the the products look on our customers in real life. These hosted photos definitely helps our shoppers evaluate which products are best for them.For instance, when browsing for a particular product line, they are able to view the many different colors that product line has to offer on actual untouched photos.

It is very crucial that our customers are able to see what these products look life in real life because it gives them a better sense of how the product the product may look on them and Instagram grants us the ability to do so. Lime Crime is an independent establishment located in Los Angeles, California that has a different outlook on makeup.

We believe that make-up is not only used for imperfections but as a platform for originality and inspiration. Lime Crime has always been devoted and continues to remain dedicated to provided the best and latest trend-setting products to its consumers.

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Start your Fabulous Body with Fabletics

We all understand the struggle of going to work out. Fabletics wants to make it easier and fun to inspire you to get your workout on. Everything is more fun when you have something cute to wear. Fabletics includes whole outfits to wear to your next gym visit. First, you take a quiz to personalize your style, size and lifestyle. This is a very useful tool because nobody wants to pay for stuff they wont like. This will ensure that all the items you receive will be cute and your size. When you receive your Fabletics wear, you get new collections every month. For me, that is the most exciting part! This will keep my motivation going every month to be excited to strut at the gym.
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Being a VIP member has many perks! You get great deals for your new athleisure wear. For a limited time get your first outfit for $25. That’s less than what a sports bra could cost you! Affordable and easy outfits. You can feel confident going to the gym and not have to think about picking an outfit because they are pre picked or you can still switch it up! Fabletics seems like such a good deal and great motivation to keep going to the gym and looking cute! Be confident to your next gym visit without breaking the bank. One less thing you have to worry about!

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Wengie, Coachella, and All Things Beauty

Breaking into internet fame with one million followers and counting, Australian based beauty blogger, Wengie, teaches girls to be beautiful- on the inside and out. What started out as a project quickly turned into a living when Wengie was working on an assignment for a previous company. She needed to learn the basics of various platforms that bloggers use. This sparked her idea to create a blog of her own- and the rest is history.

When asked how it feels to have hit that one million mark she says it just felt normal. Something she had waited for and was excited for but it just happened. She is extremely grateful to her fans and followers who have helped her achieve her internet fame and continue to make blogs that are tailored to their interests. Helping to increase inner beauty is a separate blog she has created for younger girls talking about relationships, bullying, and a variety of other topics that teens go through in today’s world.

Another leader in the fashion world isn’t a blog, a person, but a festival. Coachella coaxes celebrities and “it girls” everywhere out of hiding to display inspirations for the upcoming seasons fashion. Popularly seen at Coachella this year was bold makeup trends. Bright and bold lips, funky eyeshadows, and face jewels all graced the concert as celebrities got together for selfies, photo ops, drinks, and all around fun.

Hair is a frequently changing trend, but this year starts at Coachella boasted their long and luxurious locks. A great way to help inspire your hair to grow is to invest in a boar bristled brush in order to help stimulate the scalp and distribute oils evenly throughout the hair in order to achieve the glossy locks that the starts debuted at Coachella. It may take a little time, but with effort and care you can have the same beautiful, healthy mane that was seen all across Coachella 2016.

Camo is Showing Off Wedding Style

Recently, offered information on the modern-day camo wedding dress. The modern bride will want to look stunning on her wedding day. A wedding is the perfect time to enjoy a wedding dress that looks pretty and has a unique style of its own. The camo wedding dress is the current bridal trend that is taking off within the fashion industry.

A Trend With Sub-Trends
This camo bridal trend is one that also includes several sub-trends within the original trend itself. These sub-trends include the following:
* some unexpected colors within the traditional white dress
* some added bold prints made by Jon Urbana and his studio
* added creativity in the camo wedding dress itself
* beach wedding dresses
* sex appeal
* backless
* the shortened camo
These are sub-trends that leave room for creative style for every bride.

The Modern Bride Has Variety
The modern wedding dress offers much variety for every bride. There is a dress that will match the personality of every bride and groom.