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Five Tips For Your Corporate Event

The amount of work that goes into planning a corporate event can seem overwhelming, but planning an event does not have to be a stressful task. You can easily plan a great event without pulling your hair out. Use the following tips from Camille Styles to plan your corporate event.


Stay Organized With Lists: Stay organized by creating a list for every aspect of your event. You need a to-do list, guest list and shopping list, and do not forget to make a list of possible venues and entertainment.


Choose a Theme: It is easier to shop for food, supplies and decorations when you base your event around a theme. You can host a Luau, Fiesta or Masquerade Ball for your corporate function.


Appetizers Instead of Dinner: Serving appetizers instead of a sit-down dinner gives your guests the opportunity to sample different flavors, mingle with other guests and network for your company. Your appetizers can range from cherry tomatoes with basil to bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: Provide a self-serve bar so your guests can mix their own drinks. Your bar should include a decanter, glasses and different types of liquor and mixers. You can also set up a table of sparkling water and champagne by the entrance for your guests.


Simple Table Settings: It is best to keep your table settings simple but festive so you do not overwhelm your guests. You can use decorative ribbon to tie flatware or napkins, or you can create handwritten place cards with kraft paper.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed, you can always enlist in the help of corporate event planners in NYC. One company that is popular among hosts is Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers has experience in planning weddings, fundraisers and corporate functions. The services include venue selection, catering and hiring entertainment. You can also hire the company for decorating, lighting and photography for your event. Their experience, dedication and services make them one of the best event planning companies in NYC.


Your corporate function will go smoothly if you keep the above tips in mind and hire a professional event planner.


Planning a Successful Event


Anyone who has planned an event knows that it can be stressful. Professionals know this as well and have offered some tricks of the trade. The main idea they keep coming back to is to be organized and stay relaxed. The rest will fall into place.


To start the planning process, begin by deciding when the event will be and what the theme will be. These two decisions will determine how the rest of the planning process goes. Make lists to keep yourself organized. Write down everything you will need to do and everything that you will need to remember.


Invitations for the event will be needed. It has become common to use electronic invites, but do not be afraid to mail out invites to guests. These set a different tone for the event and allow people to have a paper reminder of the upcoming event.


The day of the event may be a hectic day. Starting preparing early enough that you allow yourself time to get ready and be fresh for the start of the event. Set things up so they are as simple as possible to access during the event.


Set up food and drink stations around the venue. These are convenient for guests to help themselves to and takes some the of pressure off of you. Finger foods are easily prepared and go over well with guests. Offer a variety of drinks for guests. It can even be fun to create a special drink for this event. Those can be taken up a notch by serving them in special glasses.


The plates and utensils used will add to the event. They can be kept simple as well. It is amazing what a colored napkin and creatively placed silverware can do to a place setting.


For those who are unsure about planning an event, there are event planning companies out there. Twenty Three Layers is an elite company with a long list of satisfied customers. They have planned countless events and use every bit of their attention to detail to make sure each event is different and unique.