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Soros Urges Brits Not To Vote In Favor Of Brexit

Billionaire hedge funding CEO George Soros along with other celebrities, pledged their support for the United Kingdom staying put in the European Union. David and Victoria Beckham were also vocal in their support.

George Soros warned citizens that leaving the 28-nation European Union could have dire consequences. Living standards could plummet along with the British pound, according to Soros. The fight, commonly known as the “Brexit Battle,” could trigger events that would rival 1992’s Black Wednesday.

In an opinion piece with the Guardian newspaper, George Soros says the pound could realistically drop between 15 and 20%. During the British crash, the currency lost its value by 15%.

David Beckham made his thoughts very clear on the issue: “We live in a peaceful and strong society. Our strength comes from standing up as one on this issue.” His wife Victoria echoed his sentiments by saying “I believe in my country, and I support the remain campaign.”

The former Spice Girl, model and designer was embroiled in a conflict with a “leave group” who attempted to use some comments she made nearly 2 decades ago against her.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

British Prime Minister David Cameron rallied the British supporters by saying “Brits don’t quit.” He also warned citizens voting to exit that the vote is irreversible. “If it passes, you have to live with the consequence,” said Cameron.

Soros said individuals involved in the “Brexit” are being duped. During Black Wednesday, Soros was ready. He warned people of what would happen. In the meantime, he pocketed a cool $1.5 billion due to the event.

Britain’s Justice Secretary Michael Grove isn’t buying it. He says the markets and Soros have been wrong before. Grove is a huge supporter of the leave effort. Former Parliament member Johnson also supports the leave initiative. He says he will gladly issue an apology to the British Citizens if the Brexit passes and no recession occurs.

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The Soldiers Who Stare At Goats

Besieged by an economy that is spiraling out of control thus forcing the inflation rate to a ludicrous 180%, it is no secret that Venezuela is in serious trouble. How much trouble you ask? It has become so bad that soldiers in the Venezuelan military have taken to stealing goats from local villages. Originally reported in the national newspaper El Nacional and covered by CNBC, the soldiers were detained by local authorities. While under arrest, the soldiers admitted to the crime and stated it was because they were without food in their barracks. In David Osio‘s opinion, it is absolutely ridiculous that the government of Venezuela has allowed the country to reach such desperation that it cannot even properly take care of its military forces. If the military are not properly cared for, who will be left to defend it? Let’s be honest, though, with the way things are going in Venezuela right now, there may not be much to defend in the near future.

George Soros Financial Market Predictions

During an economic forum that was organized by the greatest living financial investors in the world in sri lanka capital city that as attended by George Soros he gave out his prediction on Bloomberg of the financial crisis that will hit the world and the reason why there is a crisis that is very similar to the one that was experienced in the year 2008 that really shook the world. The reason why we wil experience that devastating financial crisis is because of the country of China that is set to recover the lost value that they are having to the rest of the world. The global markets are set to face that crisis as well as the investors of the markets if they will not be able to make a very informed decision during this hard times that the world is about to face that are very similar to those that it faced in the year 2008.

A new growth is what china is very much struggling to achieve in all this moments. They have a very much devalued currency called the Yuan and they want the world to suffer together with it instead of suffering lone for they are failing on their part. Those were the words of the great George soros in Colombo. A positive rates in interest returns is a big challenge that the developing world will be facing and this all in sum will add up to the current situation that will be effected in the 2008 crisis and now is a repeat of the same eight years down the line.

Stocks as well as the global currencies and also the markets in commodities will be under a big fire in the previous new year and week to be specific, with the diminishing and sinking currency of china called the Yuan that is posing a very big concern to the economic well being of the economy of the Chinese and the world at large because they will be affecting the world as well. More than two point five Yuan money was slashed from the board during a trade share in the world of the financial markets in this past week. This is the reason why the economy of china is at its worst and this will be the burden that the entire world will be carrying for china in the crisis that is impending.

China is one of the few and rarest countries in the world that have major problems when it comes to adjusting to the new economic crisis that a country is being hit by. This kind of challenge can be best be distributed to the world and it reminds soros of the 2008 crisis.