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Waiakea is the World’s First Volcanic Bottled Water

In order to survive in the watered bottle industry, you either need to have a big company backing you or an innovative approach to one of the following: marketing, nutritional benefit, or packaging. One company has figured this out very quickly. Waiakea Water meets all three criteria in the latter option. They have the marketing behind them, they have a unique mineral water, and they have colorful, environmentally friendly packaging.

The Bottle

The first thing you’ll notice when you see a bottle of Waiakea Water in your local grocery store is its packaging. The water comes in an ocean blue bottle, labeled in large letters with its brand. The bottle is made of some of the most biodegradable materials possible, and Waiakea Water bottles degrade in a fraction of the time it takes other water bottles.

The Product

Waiakea water’s PH value is slightly off the normal seven for water. This is due to the nutritional benefits present in Waiakea. This water is unique in one substantial way: the filtration process. Waiakea is packaged in Hawaii after it runs through natural volcanic rock springs. This process leaves the water filled with healthy minerals like calcium and potassium. You haven’t tried water until you’ve tried water with volcanic rock benefits. Waiakea’s PH value is 8.8 due to these volcanic rock benefits.

About the Filtration Process

As previously stated, Waiakea’s water is running through natural volcanic rock formations in Hawaii. The water is all taken from springs around Mauna Loa volcano, passing through thousands of feet of lava rock, filling the water with nutrients that all humans require. This volcano plays a great role in the local culture in Hawaii, and Waiakea is bringing that culture to everyone in the form of fresh, healthy water.