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Beneful’s Nutritious and Scrumptious Dog Food Offerings

Beneful is the name of a successful dog food brand that has a global customer base. The brand is a division of Purina Nestle Petcare, a Nestle company that’s located in St. Louis, Missouri.
The “Simmered Beef Entree” is a “Prepared Meals” wet dog food [visit:] that’s well-known among Beneful devotees. This wet food is full of vegetables, grains and hearty chunks that can fill dogs up and make them feel 100 percent ready to conquer the day ahead of them. This prepared mix includes delicious beef, wild rice, barley, spinach and carrots. Taste isn’t the sole highlight of the Simmered Beef Entree, either. This wet food also offers owners the convenience of a sturdy tub that’s resealable, it is available on Wal-Mart.

“Roasted Chicken Recipe” by Beneful is another example of a “Prepared Meals” option available from the brand. This roasted chicken meal has a lot in common with the aforementioned simmered beef dish. It involves chunks of yummy chicken instead of beef. This wet food also has vegetables and grains for balanced canine nutrition. It even has pasta as an ingredient. The vegetables that make up this delectable roasted chicken meal are spinach and carrots.

“Originals” is a dry Beneful dog food that is centered around chicken. A beef version of this same dry food product is available on Amazon as well. The “Originals” chicken dry food formula can be great for owners who want to feed their furry pals high-quality farm-raised chicken. This dry food also has vegetables and whole grains. The vegetables in this dry dog food are avocados, tomatoes and carrots. Originals is appropriate for adult pooches. Beneful has a different dry food product that was specifically made to accommodate the dietary requirements of vigorous puppies.

“Baked Delights Heartfuls” are Beneful dog treats that have made countless dogs feel extremely content. These baked treats are made in a range of doggy-friendly flavoring choices. These various flavoring choices include cheese and beef, peanut butter, cheese and chicken, cheese and bacon and even apple. The apple version also has elements of bacon. These are shortbread dog treats [visit:] that feel nice and smooth in the middle.



The Premium Dog Food Revolution


Humanity stands on the edge of revolutionary technology. No, the technology does not fit in your pocket and it has nothing to do with processors or electronics at all. In fact it is not for direct benefit of the human species at all. This revolution is currently putting better food in the bellies of mans best friends, resulting in fuller, better lives for our canine brethren.

The Bigger Companies Have Taken Notice

One of the first companies to provide premium dog food made with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, with lamb and chicken. The result of this new method is food that is fit for owner and pet alike. Blue Apron’s sales are nearing 1 Billion and the bigger companies are taking notice.

Purina purchased Merrick Pet Café, the first certified producer of dry and wet organic dog food to go along with their already popular Beneful line.

Purinastore’s Beneful dog food has made a name for itself in the market by using the finest ingredients to provide all dogs with first class nutrition. Beneful weighs is as one of the most affordable premium dog food options and is available in most local supermarkets.

If Its Good Enough for Him its Good Enough for ME

The trend that is coming along with this dog food renaissance can be described as “I will only feed my pet things that I would eat”. Brands like Freshpet are one of the innovators in refrigerated pet food, and can easily be mistaken for human food. It seems that for every new human diet there is a pet counterpart.

What Is the Outlook for High-End Pet Food?

Even though these high end pet food companies have posted soaring sales Wall St. is still skeptical. Proponents of these revolutionary products state that health conscious families will pass their healthy habits down to their pets, and that mindset will keep the premium pet food market alive and well for a long time.