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Jeunesse Global Product Nutritional Products

Jeunesse Global is a company that not only relies on cosmetic technology to make its amazing products but also engages in network marketing, a strategy that has helped in the worldwide distribution of their products. The company was founded in 2009 by a duo: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

The company focuses on the production of nutritional products and skin care/cosmetics. Of all their lines, Luminesce is the chief anti-aging cosmetic that has put the company in the spotlight. In fact, most of their clients claim that it is one of the most effective skin care product you will find in the market. The main ingredient featured in this product is APT-200, which allows it to achieve the luminosity you are looking for. It also helps in making the skin firmer, getting rid of the sagging parts. It removes wrinkles and any fine lines, creating a smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin.

For those looking to recapture their energy and stay young, Jeunesse also offers Zen Bodi. This project promotes wellness in the healthiest way, with one of the benefits that people enjoy being weight loss. This plan features three different food plans alongside other activities that will help in appetite management, fat burning through increased metabolism, and muscle growth.

To participate in the Zen Project 8, you will start with the Zen Transform Package, followed by Zen Awaken Package and later Zen Commit Package. For this project to be effective in giving you long lasting weight loss outcomes, you need to get all the three packages and stick to the required consumption steps.

If you prefer to use Zen Bodi nutritional products, you will get Zen Prime, which is ideal for overall body cleansing. It features natural ingredients that will help you get rid of toxicities and enhance metabolism, which helps to burn and remove fats from the body. Zen Shape, on the other hand, features an African Mango seed extract, which has been scientifically found to enhance the weight loss process. This will help you gain that tiny waist and maintain the right calorie count.

Doe Deere: The Force Behind LimeCrime


If you love bright lipstick and bold style, you’re probably already familiar with Doe Deere and her brand LimeCrime. Deere has successfully created an online empire and dominated an industry that told her she couldn’t make it as an online beauty retailer. By walking to the beat of her own drummer and living her truth, Doe Deere has become one of the most recognized names and faces in beauty.


A Passion for Animals


One of the defining features of LimeCrime cosmetics is that all of the products are cruelty-free, meaning they don’t use any animal products. Additionally, no animal testing is ever done in order to get products to the market. Instead, Doe Deere tests all the products herself before allowing them to be sold under the LimeCrime name. What’s more, Deere donates a portion of all proceeds to a no-kill shelter in New York, putting her money where her mouth is.


Beauty as Self-Expression


Part of the LimeCrime message is that beauty products aren’t for covering up imperfections or putting on a fake persona. Instead, Doe Deere is out to spread the word that makeup is a form of self-expression and can be used to show your true self, not to cover up who you really are. Instead of “true” beauty being natural or makeup-free, showing who you are on the inside is Deere’s idea of being yourself. It’s a message of makeup as empowerment, and it’s taking the world by storm.


Authenticity Comes Standard


From her beginnings in DIY fashion to her heights as a cosmetic guru, Deere has never lost touch of her inner calling. She knows who she is, and she injects it into everything she creates. Unlike other commercial brand owners, she sits with the chemists and product developers, speaks to customers, and on set for product photography shoots. She’s hands on the entire way, and she does this intentionally. She’s invested in making sure that everything with LimeCrime’s name is true to her customers. She wears every product for a day or more, just to make sure it “feels” right. Her involvement and commitment to authenticity is what makes her brand so attractive to those who value genuine self-expression and a personal touch.


From product creation to sales and marketing, Doe Deere infuses a little bit of her essence into everything she produces. Her authenticity, commitment to charity, and unwavering sense of self has made her an icon and role model to many. Time will tell what’s in store for LimeCrime, but if history repeats itself, Doe Deere’s loyal fan base will likely be ready and waiting for whatever she releases next.


Lime Crime Releases New Eyeshadow and Lipstick Colors

It was once said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what does this really mean? Simply put, it means that we’re in control of what makes us feel beautiful. While most cosmetics company place women in the same categories, there’s one that encourages them to stand out.

Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere encourages users to experiment with color and define their own beautiful. She created a cosmetic line that offered bright, bold colors that allowed users the opportunity to branch out from the natural look.

Taking lipstick to the next level, Lime Crime launched the Velvetines line. These lipsticks go on wet and dry to Velevet finish within seconds. The launch of this line provides users 24 different shade to choose from. However, just in time for the fall season, the Veleventines line launches new colors.

The Cashmere color is a lovely combination shade of grey and beige (griege if you may). This products adapts to skin tone, thus color will depend on skin. The Pansy, is a bright, bold purple with a cooler blush tone. The Riot still awaits release, but the color is said to be a medium reddish to brown shade. This color will also adapt to your skin tone, so boldness will vary.

The Velvetines Line wasn’t the only line with a new release this season. The Superfoils line also released new shades. The Superfoils line is a wet/dry eyeshadow that can be worn wet or dry. There’s 20 attention grabbing shades of eye colors paired in 10 duos. the new colors include: silvers, golds, hints of pink and gold flakes, and mauve hues.

Helping bring notice to the cosmetics line is beauty Vlogger Celia Leslie. She makes YouTube videos of herself using these products. This draws attention to the line showing others what these products look like. One of her videos show her using the 24 different shades of Velvetine lip colors.

What better way to welcome the fall season, than new lipsticks and eyeshadows. Lime Crime cosmetics keeps us up to date with bright, bold colors for any season.

Doe Deere’s Whimsical Look On Life Helped Her Create Unique Lime Crime Makeup

It might sound so cliche, but Doe Deere would advise anyone out there trying to create a business, to believe in the dream and remain young at heart.

Today, Lime Crime has become one of the world’s hottest makeup brands, thanks to its founder/CEO Doe Deere and her wonderful child-like imagination. She’s been branded the “Unicorn Queen,” for her whimsical look on life and the notion that all things are possible. Even her makeup line reflects a fantastical world of color and freedom. Lime Crime palettes are like no others, with strong, highly pigmented cosmetics that reach far beyond the normal color spectrum.

Three key locations shaped the personality and business mind of young Doe Deere. She was born in Russia and recalls playing with bright colors and experimenting with makeup as a child. At 17, she moved to New York City, taking her creative vibe with her and dabbling in a band, sewing clothes and opening an Ebay store and so forth. These days, Doe Deere operates her company out of Los Angeles.

Unable to find bold and beautiful makeup, even in a metropolis the size of NYC, Doe Deere decided to establish her own cosmetics company. In 2008, Lime Crime was born out of Doe Deere’s desire for modern makeup.

Gone were the boring beige cosmetics that everyone’s mother and grandmother were brought up on. Lime Crime was unusual in so many ways, including liquid to matte lipsticks in bizarre shades like Squash, Moonstone(Grey), Raven, Cement, Teacup(Blue), Metallic Gold, etc. Doe Deere wasn’t sure anyone would understand her brand, but the world took notice, and fans began sprinkling her social media sites with Lime Crime makeup selfies. Young women and men, too, were becoming obsessed with these weird makeup shades with glittery eye shadows and razor sharp eyeliners.

Doe Deere understood the value in e-commerce and the internet, gladly engaging her fans and inspiring each other in the world of modern makeup. Today, Lime Crime’s Instagram page is sizzling hot with 2.4 million followers and growing like wildfire. The brand’s Instagram page is one of the most beautiful and colorful sites to stare it. It’s breathtaking, because the Lime Crime color palette is something pop culture has never seen before.

Doe Deere is proud of the message her brand is giving to young people everywhere, and that is simply, to be yourself. She finds her cosmetics are empowering with their bold, nervy colors and offer a great dose of self-esteem to those who dare to wear them. Putting on Cement gray lipstick for example, isn’t typical, but the stunning shade turns heads, and many are attracted to the newness of her makeup palettes.

Doe Deere’s About Us page sums it up ideally: “I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!

Lime Crime is also sold in popular retail stores like Urban Outfitters, Naimie’s Beauty Center and Vorana Cosmetics(Mexico).

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The Innovation of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an innovative businesswoman who is most known for her innovation in creating a new product line that was designed to specifically bring out the beauty on the inside as well as on the outside for any man or woman that has a passion for applying makeup to the face. Ms. Deere is the innovator behind an online brand that is known as Lime Crime. Doe Deere created this business in 2008 and is mostly known for her current presence on many social media sites such as Instagram that showcase the many products that are featured within her business.

Ms. Deere officially created Lime Crime as a side business to another business that sold clothes that she hand sewed herself and sold onto sites such as eBay. The clothes that Ms. Deere created were so bright and had bright patterns that Mr. Deere needed a makeup that would not be washed away by the bright colors of her clothes. The first product that Ms. Deere had officially presented to the waiting public was a lipstick which soon took off and was joined by other products that were not only bright, but were also made to be applied to the eyes as well as to the cheeks.

The name of Lime Crime originated when Doe Deere was deciding a name for her company that would embody what her company sold to the public. Lime Crime is a unique business name that has since then gotten then attention of millions of makeup consumers all over the world. The color of lime was specifically chosen by Doe Deere to showcase that lime is her favorite color to use as she believes it accentuates the beautiful features in anyone that uses the products. Lime Crime, over the past several years has acquired a large fan base that even call themselves unicorns. Learn more:

She attributes her success to not only her hard workers, but also to her own drive in growing this company over the past eight years. She made the business decision to make sure that her company was an internet brand name for the purpose of making sure that the consumers knew that she was a businesswoman who was completely dedicated to those that bought her products. As an internet-based company, Ms. Deere has not only remained humble, but has also kept the customers happy with the many products that are continuously being improved.

As one of the leaders in the internet-brand makeup industry, she made the conscious decision to make all of her products vegan products. Not only does this attract more and more customers to the site, but this business decision also does not involved animal cruelty with the process of her making her makeup. Doe Deere is excited where he company is headed into the future and hopes that she can one day even create a traditional makeup store that sells all of her designed products to a set place within a community or communities all over the world.

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Doe Deere Finds Her Work Has Been Copied By Another Artist


The rise of the net has made it easier than ever for people today to copy ideas they see. Such was the recent case for artist Doe Deere. Deere, one of the nation’s leading makeup gurus, put an out an image on Instagram. The image was designed to help introduce the work of a fellow artist to her own many fans. As Doe learned, this image was also seen by another artist. Richard Price, one of the nation’s most respected contemporary artists, took up her image, toyed with it, then created a print of his own from the image she had used. His print was sold in a New York City art fair for a six figure sum. Deere learned that she was not credited by Price, much to her shock, despite being the obvious source of his inspiration for the print that he sold to a customer at the fair.

Her Own Perspective

Deere is very much her own person. She is also very much an artist herself, with an entirely unique viewpoint that is all about being able to show off her love of color and her devotion to all things related to color that are unique and modern. As the founder of Lime Crime, an online retailer devoted to bringing quality products to people, she knows the importance of demonstrating a devotion to many kinds of quality. Her own motto is very much about quality and originality as well as being able to show off an inner artistic sensibility that demands expression. She feels thins inside that she wants to help let out. She also aims to show that it is possible to take the world of artistry and translate that into workable and wearable fashion that can take someone from the boardroom to the ball.

Being Herself

It is this kind of devotion that lets her be who she is each day. She knows that her fans look to her to help them determine what kind of makeup might work at any given moment. She also knows that they rely on her to help them find quality makeup products that will look good on anyone’s skin the entire day. Her own devotion to the process of finding and creating such items is where she has been able to help draw in legions of fans who admire her work and love buying her entirely unique makeup products.

Doe Deere – Rules To Break In The New Fashion World

There are two basic questions Doe Deere had to answer up front about makeup trends. What kind of rules to break in order to stand out in the crowd and how to do it? Doe Deere is a well-known makeup artist and her blogs and videos depict the work she has done in the fashion industry. Her answers came swiftly for the questions above which are explained in the below information.

1. Not Wearing Too Many Colors And Patterns

If you can’t make up your mind about what to wear when it comes to makeup and outfits, you should at least know that the colors and patterns that you select should go well with one another. How many colors and patterns to choose in the first place? According to Doe Deere, it is okay to choose as many colors as you like as long as they are in harmony. After reviewing the advantages and drawbacks of various colors and patterns, you may want to combine both types into your overall look.

2. Not Wearing Bold Eyes and Lips

Should you wear dark colored lips and eyes instead of the conventional light makeup? This new trends is a smart choice if you are confused. It may also be the best way to make use of your makeup set. However, it is not the best choice when you are planning to use unrelated colors. For example, wearing dark brown lips with black shadows is fine as long as your outfit match with the colors. Similarly, the type of patterns you choose also depends on your experience in makeup.

3. Not Wearing Socks With High Heels and Open-toed shoes

You may remember when in 70s, this trend was a popular one. The effect was about as pleasant as the rest of the new trends. Over the past few years, wearing socks with open toed shows has become the talk of the new fashion world as well. No models have ever complained about wearing socks with their outfits. This look is so cheerful, it makes someone feel good in winter as well. With today’s variety of accessories, you can bring as much creativity into this look as you like, says Doe Deere. This cheerful look also benefits from a combination of accessories like matching purse and hairbands. On the style side, socks previously associated with golden times are now available in fashion stores. In fact, it is not difficult to change your entire look by simply replacing bare foot with socks. If you choose to wear heels, select one that is in contrast with the socks you are wearing. This way you may create an eyesore in the crowd. For more information on these topics, visit Doe Deere’s website.

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Doe Deere Reveals Fashion Secrets

Doe Deere is the glamorous CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere is one busy executive that stands out in a crowd with her wild pastel colored hair and unique way of dressing. Many wonder about Doe Deere. What is her secret to looking great and attaining such wonderful success with her makeup line. Well, the self proclaimed unicorn queen explained it all in a recent article. Her firm belief is that people should not listen to someone that is out of touch with the mainstream world. Indeed, most people behind those fashion magazines are out of touch with everyday people. Instead, Deere believes that people should do their own thing. In other words, ignore fashion rules and dress the way that you feel.

Resisting Tradition
Clearly, Doe Deere is one woman that resists tradition. This is evident in her makeup line and the way that she likes to dress. Her rules for makeup and wardrobe are worth noting. Let’s take a look at a few of her top ideas.

  • Avoid Bold Colors – Doe Deere loves breaking this rule. Wear bold eye shadows with super vivid lip colors. Finish it off with a vibrant cheek color. Deere believes anything goes.
  • Avoid Too Many Colors – Once again, Doe Deere believes this fashion and beauty rule is ridiculous. The more colors, the more fun. Just make sure that the colors are within the same family or that they do not clash.
  • Don’t Mix Patterns – Doe Deere loves patterns. Patterns on patterns is definitely her thing. Deere finds this look very glamorous.
  • Neutrals – Doe is all about wild hair colors and believes that you don’t have to wear neutral clothing or subdue your makeup because of the vibrant color.
  • Age Appropriate – Deere believes it is silly to dress a certain way because of your age. Instead, dress the way that you feel at the moment.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Deere is also a great inspiration to young women all over the world that would like to start a business or to simply succeed in life. Deere achieved success on her own terms. She always followed her intuition. Her intuition was the main force that guided her to success. Doe Deere was born in Russia, but the future CEO of Lime Crime grew up in New York City. Living in New York gave her the background and inspiration to follow her dream.

Doe Deere allowed her personal philosophy about makeup guide her to successfully creating Lime Crime. Deere’s belief was that cosmetics were a creative tool. Makeup is actually a form of self expression. Clearly, this is very evident in her very unique line of makeup and the fashion secrets that she reveals to her followers. Doe Deere started out small and turned her cosmetic dream into a major success. She firmly supports women entrepreneurs and would like them to follow their dreams too.

Doe Deere Offers Fashion Freedom

Each day, people must decide what to wear. The right outfit can help someone fit in well and also help them show off their best features to others. An excellent outfit can also help someone feel more self confident as they go about their day. When looking for the right kind of outfit, many people around the world aim for a specific look. They want to look fashionable and contemporary and yet also find clothing and makeup that helps flatter their complexion and bring out their best features. The right kind of clothing, hair and makeup choices can do just that.

In article that was printed in Bustle Magazine, fashion lover and makeup pioneer Doe Deere talks to readers and those who love fashion about the kind of ways that they can use contemporary fashion trends to their own ends. In the article, Deere points out that we have all become accustomed to following certain fashion rules. Many of us have been told over and over again that we need to avoid pairing loud patterns together or avoid dressing in a way that might be perceived as too young in a way. She knows that such rules have been in place for many years and have been followed by legions of fans. She also knows that such rules can be highly confining and help people avoid expressing their own inner fashion sense. This is why she advocates breaking such rules if the don’t work for any person.

Deere has spent much of her career doing her best to break such rules and showing her fans how to look good in the process. Her focus has been primarily on the use of makeup. She is the founder of Lime Crime, one of the most admired of all cosmetics companies on the web. With her work in this field, she has been heavily involved in creating makeup that is ideal for anyone’s need and desire for color. Her work in the field of makeup has focused closely on creating makeup that is based on the use of bright and lively colors as well as the use of makeup that is high quality. On her site, she has helped show how it is possible to use such colors in order to create looks that work well in many kinds of circumstances.

She knows that her followers need to be able to coordinate the use of their makeup with the use of other kind of accessories such as purses and shoes as well as a basic look. Following her lead, many of her fans have learned how to use makeup that can work well with both dark colors and bright colors alike. They have also learned how to use makeup to create looks that are at once charming and playful but also quite sophisticated. This kind of devotion to detail has allowed her to attract many new fans across the globe. It has also allowed her to meet the requirements of her existing fans.

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Breaking The Beauty Rules With Doe Deere

The fashion industry is filled with countless professionals telling fashion lovers what to look like, how to dress, and what kinds of makeup to wear. These fashion professionals like to come up with fashion rules and guidelines that they expect fashion lovers to follow. Many of these guidelines and rules should be considered as mere suggestions for people who love fashion. Many think that these rules do not have to be used everyday or even constantly but they can be helpful to a person who is seeking fashion guidance. Many also think that going against big time fashion editor Ms. Wintour, doesn’t mean that fashion lovers are losers. There is always a way to love fashion and be your own person. There is one person that believes wholeheartedly in breaking every fashion rule in the book. Her name is Doe Deere.

Doe Deere has two distinctive rules that she loves to break. Those rules are beauty and makeup related. Doe Deere is an individual who breaks the rules regularly and does her own thing when it comes to fashion and beauty. Doe Deere usually has hair in different colors and her makeup is always in playful shades and palettes. Doe Deere has her on makeup company called Lime Crime Cosmetics. She started Lime Crime Cosmetics in the early 2000s and ventured into doing makeup tutorials on Youtube. She started Lime Crime Cosmetics on ebay and then it became super popular. Once Lime Crime Cosmetics exploded in popularity, Doe Deere moved her business to its own e-commerce website. From there, Doe Deere was able to have more control.

Doe Deere’s love for beauty products started by chance. She started out going to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She started her company Lime Crime Cosmetics because she wanted a certain makeup product that she could not find. She was frustrated that she could not find it and so she decided to make her own makeup line, so she can always find what she is looking for. She is an inspiration to many young women and proves to them that its okay to be yourself.

Doe Deere likes to break the rule about wearing a bold eye shadow and bold. Many in the fashion industry think that one must never wear both a bold eye and a bold lip. Doe Deere thinks that you can wear both at the same time and look amazing.