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The Value of Compliance Officers

Helane Morrison is the type of compliance office that has become a big hit in the corporate industry. She holds the type of degrees and has work experience that given her the ability to access a company from a non-basis point of view. This has made Morrison very valuable to Hall Capital as the compliance officer. She has the skills that are needed to help companies stay out of the hot seat when it comes to violating laws. Kathryn Hall has made a very wise decision to implement Morrison into the corporate structure because she can help this company maintain integrity as she keeps things in order.

I certainly believe people like that Helane are important because I feel like they play an important part in changing corporate structure. I have seen so many companies that are failing to corruption because there no one that is willing to do the work of governing the company. When most companies fail it is because they do not have someone in place that is keeping up with the laws. Others companies can lose ground with customers when customer complaints are not addressed. A compliance officer like Morrison has all of this down to a science. She is able to address many issues.

Morrison has been able to build up a resume that has really impressed me. She was the first woman in the SEC to ever be appointed to Regional Director. Helane had a huge degree of success during her time at the SEC which led to hear success in her current career path. I see that she has a law degree, and at one time she was working as a lawyer. I don’t think that there is anyone that is better suited than a lawyer to work in the position as a compliance officer.

If I was an investor with Hall Capital I would certainly feel a lot better about my investments if a compliancy officer like Helane Morrison was in place. She is doing a great job with this company, and I think that more large firms need to have this type of internal resource in place. I know that there is some controversy behind having a compliance officer on the inside because there is a vested interest as an employee. There have been compliance offers that have failed to investigate internally and follow the rules because they were tied into the friendship bonds of other executives that were breaking the law. I believe the only way that a person in this role can be effective in the role is by being impartial to all departments and all decisions. 

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