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HGGC Accomplishments During its 10 Years of Growth

The global private equity firm HGGC made it more than 10 years already. During this time, the company accumulated more than $4.3 billion in capital. These funds were raised via financial commitments made with corporations such as FPX, which is a cloud-based solutions company, and Denodo, which is a data virtualization company.

Other financial investments included those made with AutoAlert, MyWebGrocer, Hybris and Integrity. HGGC also has completed a variety of other transactions such as acquisitions, recapitalizations and liquidities. They also have completed a variety of platform investments. Transaction values of these funds totals about $17 million.

Additional Recent Deals

On January 23, 2019, HGGC decided to facilitate a deal with Davies Group Ltd., a UK digital solutions and tech management provider. A minority stake of Davies was sold to Alberta Investment Management Corporation. The move was made with AIMCo’s clients in mind, and HGGC will still hold majority ownership in the company. This transaction involves the oversight of financial, insurance and communications needs as well as marketing and organizational services for hundreds of clients.

About two months prior, Davies Group acquired Veriphy Limited, which is a check verification service, and the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering technologies. This places an increased focus on regulation of funds transmitted from one hand to the next while improving customer service platforms.

HGGC also had a hand in guiding the merger of Mi9 and MyWebGrocer. Mi9 offers a range of retail solutions, and MyWebGrocer is a digital media and software provider. This transaction took place to improve the quality of available retail software platforms.

HGGC’s Mission

They constantly search for ways to build partner relationships. Through these connections, they capitalize on the strengths of every organization involved. This provides a strong bond within a network system that also fosters strong reference relationships and improves customer service to clients.

Fortress Investment Group Assimilated by the Softbank Group Corp

December 2017 news revealed that Fortress Investment Group was entering into a pact with Softbank Group. Well, this is indeed true after the major announcement was made in early 2018. Softbank Group has acquired Fortress at US$ 3.3 billion. It was after all the legal measures were factored into account including shareholders agreeing to the treaty and necessary approvals done to give a go ahead. Read more reviews about Fortress Investment Group at

After the deal, all shareholders received a US$ 8.08 payout for every class A share. Softbank has assumed the sole ownership of the investment firm, and sooner or later, Fortress Investment Group will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. All management will be passed down with the consolidated financial statements affirming the closure to the acquisition.

Well, logic beats the question why Softbank acquired an investment firm it being a conglomerate in the technology business. First forward, Softbank is a parent company to many companies in diverse fields of the economy. Masayoshi Son who founded the company desired to establish a niche where all industries and sectors were pulled together. Softbank Group branches out into e-commerce, internet solutions, telecommunications, and broadband among other things. These grand acquisitions enable it to stretch outwards in the world of finance propelled by one of the largest and stable investment companies. Besides, Softbank has always wonder how they could get into working with financial institutions and Fortress Investment Group just paved way.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a privately held investment managers and equity firm based in New York City. It was founded by Peter Briger who is the Co-Chairman to the board, Wes Edens Co-chairman and principal, Rob Kauffman who has since exiting the venture and Randal Nardone who is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer. It was established in 1998, got listed on the NYSE in 2007 and has become a global manager of other firms. It has managed credit, hedge and equity funds making high yields of up to US$ 70.2 billion in 2016. The firm has been sold off to Softbank Group but its stable in operations nonetheless.

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Paul Mampilly Career On Wall Street And Creating A Popular Newsletter

Financial wellness is an essential part to everyone’s life, no matter who you are. Some people love to take it even further and make a career helping others with their finances. Since there are some many complexities about it, it takes a lot of time to understand and educate yourself on the matter. Paul Mampilly has always had a fascination with finance, and so he explored a career in it.

Paul Mampilly did not waste time in life sitting around. He was on a mission to make an impact and has done very well since them. Mr. Mampilly valued education like his father, so he attended college. Since finishing up at the university, Paul was able to earn a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from Fordham Graduate School of Business in 1997. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. This would be his first official job since graduating college. Gaining steam from each job, Paul Mampilly gathered more insight into how Wall Street operated. He worked at financial institutions like ING, Deutsche Bank, and then Kinetics Asset Management. Paul impressed companies all over the country with his sound advice when it came to financial matters. He was widely sought after. Mr. Mampilly even made it on the news. He made appearances on CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly decided to change directions and join Banyan Hill Publishing. He created a widely popular financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited. It has over 90,000 subscribers to date. In addition, Paul has two trading services for stocks called True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

Mr. Mampilly is the ultimate financial guru because of his proven track record. He won the Templeton Investment Competition during the recession. He certainly takes the time to do his research, logging in 30 to 40 hours of research for each stock. This is included with another 20 to 30 hours of writing. Big financial institutions recruited Paul to manage their million dollar hedge funds, and he did not disappoint. After 20 years on Wall Street, Paul decided to help the average American gain their financial wealth with his newsletter Profit Unlimited.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Success As A Chinese Entrepreneur

A prominent name in the Chinese e-commerce industry, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the brains behind Before developing this wildly popular shopping platform, Liu Qiangdong was a budding entrepreneur attempting to get his foot in the door. During his collegiate studies, Liu Qiangdong honed his skills in sociology, computer programming, and freelance coding. His expertise in each field enabled him to turn a merchandise store into a profitable online domain. In 1998, two years after graduating from the Renmin University of China, Richard Liu Qiangdong pioneered Jingdong, a shop offering magneto-optical products and services.

Though Liu Qiangdong’s enterprise found success in Chinese markets, this triumph was short-lived. After the SARS outbreak afflicted China in 2003, Jingdong came to a standstill. With no patrons occupying the store and no staff to run it, Liu Qiangdong was forced to pursue a different avenue if he wanted his organization to thrive. Employing the skills he’d acquired in college, Richard Liu Qiangdong modified his shop into an online platform and dubbed it The outpouring of public support he received was overwhelming, and Richard Liu Qiangdong was happy to once again be governing profitable enterprise. Currently, is reported to be worth $57.6 billion.

With that said, it comes as no surprise that organizations are keen to forge business relationship with Richard Liu Qiangdong. WeChat, a well-known multimedia outlet, is one such company. Richard Liu Qiangdong accepted the proposal, subsequently giving 15 percent of to WeChat for a large sum of $215 million. In addition, Liu Qiangdong made regular promotion a part of the deal. Given WeChat’s substantial following, Liu Qiangdong knew this practice would bode well for sales. While continues to see record highs in sales and revenue, Alibaba,’s rival, seeks to usurp Richard Liu Qiangdong.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong The Entrepreneurial Mastermind

Being from a family of businessmen, Richard Liu Qiangdong ventured to business while being in his third year of University in Beijing. Consequently opening a retail selling computer accessories in 1998 expanding up to 12 stores. After the SARS epidemic, Richard Liu Qiangdong came to the realization that e-store was doing way much better than retail stores hence shifting gears to e-store. Evidently this was a certain type of risk as online market was known for fake knowledge of this he opted and vowed that his JD .com company would provide only genuine services and products.

As per now net value is set at 60 billion with over 14000 employees in over 300 logistics center all over China as in the recent year fashion, groceries and consumer goods have been the most popular purchases. Richard Liu Qiangdong in an effort to expand, plans to bring all the best 100% original products from China here go expanding to East Asia, USA and Europe. Product delivery depends fully on the customer’s location hence making Company the most recommended e-company. Furthermore the service offered by his company is the same regardless of the person.

Richard Liu Qiangdong maintains a healthy relationship with his executives by holding frequent staff meetings to ensure and maintain the rapport and the unity in the work place. This make sure all the employees are catered for. As a good competitor, Richard Liu Qiangdong has recognized Walmart as his biggest competitor in the e-market as per now. Richard Liu’s company is China’s second largest e-commerce company with more than 210 million active customers. As he plans big for the future, Richard Liu cash investments reflects sales proceeds from’s IPO plus analysis of market performance, taxes, insider transactions and dividends.

According to Richard Liu’s wealth, it relatively shows how the company has risen to be at the top. Nevertheless his Boss receiving a number of awards and recognition. Consequently’s board cannot create a quorum without Richard Liu’s presence as has made him an internet sensation.

Richard Liu has latterly invested in Frafetch, fronting the relationship capitalizing massive reach in China. Click here

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere Sets Her Sights on a New Business Venture

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere has been spending the last decade of her life dedicated to her makeup company. She’s made a number of creative and wonderful products. She oversaw the creation of unicorn lipstick. She made a number of new lip colors and eye palettes. She even produced an array of bright and fun hair color products. While Lime Crime was her major entrepreneur focus, Doe Deere has set her sights on new goals.

Doe Deere decided she would focus more on her new endeavor by walking away from Lime Crime makeup company. She also viewed that walking away to allow a bigger company to steer Lime Crime into the future would help the brand to grow. The company was sold to Tengram Capital by Doe Deere. She has not completely walked away yet, as she retains a seat as a creative consultant on the Lime Crime board. The new endeavor Doe Deere has chosen to pursue is her jewelry line named Poppy Angeloff. She has been using the business to pursue her goals as a fashion designer. She has long had a history of fashion design since she first came to the United States. Her jewelry is a body positive option to fashion. Women of all sizes can look good and feel good with a piece of jewelry on their finger or around their neck. So far, Poppy Angeloff has been releasing beautiful Soulmate rings and a purple floral Pansy ring.

Doe Deere has always had an entrepreneur mind and heart. She has been this way ever since she first came to the United States as a young woman with her family. Her mother and sister spent those early years with her in the new country. They were barely getting by. These struggles taught Doe Deere she would have to risk everything to pursue her dreams as an American. Everyday with her business she has learned how to risk and how to struggle for her work to finally pay off as it has with her Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff businesses.

The Keenest Eye For Real-Estate And Retail: Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is a business tycoon of a Brazilian decent and is the current chairman of JHSF Participacoes SA. Jose Auriemo Neto was born into the family of business tycoons headed by his father that was a business tycoon as well and he owned a real estate company that focused on developing residential and commercial areas in the country of Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto, following the footsteps of his father, has also served as the Chief Executive Office of his father’s company, continuing the legacy of excellently overseeing the company’s interest in developing office buildings, hotel and public infrastructures.

Almost a decade ago, Jose Auriemo Neto has begun his venture into the retail industry in line with the retail developments that was under way in his father’s real estate company. His first venture with retail immediately signed, under exclusive partnerships, some of the most high-profile brands in the world like Hermes, Jimmy Choo and Pucci, and these were the main attractions in his very first luxury brand retail outlet that is owned by his company JHSF – and the luxury retail complex is named Cidade Jardim shopping complex.

Jose Auriemo Neto, with the competitive mind of a business tycoon, did not stop there. Six years ago he has also signed a partnership with Valentino, and under his name he has launched the very first Valentino flagship store in the whole of Brazil, along this came Red Valentino as well. Brazil was in a financial decline in these years but Jose Auriemo Neto has shown his prowess on business by keeping the company’s net profit as high as 2.3% on-year growth with gross profit on 16.1% on a bad economy.

With his champion skills on retail and fashion, Jose Auriemo Neto was included in the Business of Fashion’s top 500 most influential people in the fashion market around the world in the year of 2018. Jose Auriemo Neto has proved himself again as one of Brazils top business tycoons and he has proved that Brazilian talent in fashion is something that the world should look out for. Jose Neto is an excellent business tycoon who has a keen eye for fashion.

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OSI Group Has Come A Long Way Thanks To Sheldon Lavin’s Input

Sheldon Lavin has spent many decades in the food and financial industries, though today he maintains a position as CEO at OSI Group. Sheldon first joined up with OSI Group in the 1970’s as an advisor and his position was only temporary. The OSI Group owners were impressed with Sheldon’s work and though he had the potential to do good at the company, so they offered him more permanent positions. It was a while before Sheldon actually accepted this offer, as he was focused on other prospects in the financial industry at the same time.

The main job for Sheldon Lavin during his initial employment at OSI Group was to help the company manage their finances and expand into new territories, such as South America and Asia. After several years of helping the company, Sheldon decided to buy large number of shares in the company because he believed they had tremendous potential and would only continue to grow. It turns out he was right, especially as he was one of the major figures responsible for helping the company grow during its global transition. Sheldon created several strategies for the company to help them improve their turnover rates for employees and become incredibly productive.

As one of the biggest food processing companies in the world, OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees working for them across the globe in more than a dozen different countries. There will be more food processing centers and distribution plants coming in the future as well as the expansion of existing facilities, such as the original Chicago facility.

Sheldon Lavin is not only a capable leader but a generous one as well. His generosity is well-known in the business world and he has continually participated in charities for many years. Some of the organizations that Sheldon Lavin has given back to include the Jewish United Fund, the United Negro College Fund, Ronald McDonald House, and the Boys and Girls club.

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The Great Strategies of Wes Edens That Are Geared Towards The Improvement Of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is one of the CEOs of Fortress Investment Group, who has given everything within his reach to ensure that the company’s performance is the best in the investment management industry. Using his expertise that he acquired while working as an employee in other financial organizations in the Wall Street America, Wesly Edens has enabled Fortress Investment Group to rank high in the industry’s best performing organizations. As the head of the real estate business and hedge fund sections of the organization, Wes Edens has insisted on making the organization the best in the entire industry. One of the strategies in which Wesley has implemented in the organization is the use of technology in conducting the operations of Fortress Investment Group. The financial guru understands that the use of technology is one of the ways in which an organization can cut its expenditure and hence improving its revenue and profit.

Management of mergers and acquisitions is also another strategy that Wes Edens has adopted to enhance the performance of Fortress Investment Group. This is an art that he learned when he worked for Goldman Sachs, one of the most reputable financial institutions in the United States. Through the rigorous training that he underwent at the company, he managed to become competent in the subject and hence Fortress Investment Group has relied on him to purchase the various organizations that they have acquired in the past decade. The company has bought several companies with the aim of increasing its source of capital as well as boosting its assets under management.

Wes Edens has demonstrated excellent leadership skills during his tenure at the Fortress Investment Group. However, one thing that he understands is that he, together with the other leaders of the company, will not lead the company forever. There will come a moment when they would wish to retire due to various reasons that would arise. As a result, he has embarked on training program whereby he trains young employees of Fortress Investment Group in leadership. The primary objective of Wes Edens id to impart leadership skills to these individuals so that he can ensure a smooth leadership succession of the firm.

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Strategic Moves Adopted By OSI Industries And How They Fueled Its Growth

Established over 100 years ago, OSI Industries has had its fair share of good and bad business experiences. To overcome the challenges and hold true to its mission of becoming the largest food processing and distribution company globally, the company and its leadership had to embrace innovative business moves that included rapid expansion and establishment of new partnerships. But how have either of these impacted OSI’s growth: Find out more about of OSI at Craft

Rapid expansion

Less than four decades ago, when Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Industries, formerly known as Otto & Sons, the company was in the bleak of failure. It was not just operating below optimum production capacity but it was also losing customers due to failure to meet their demands. Sheldon embarked on a mission of finding a lasting solution to the problem.

His solution was in the adoption of new production technologies within the processing facilities. This would then set course for the opening of new facilities in over 17 countries across the world and the listing of the food manufacturer among the leading food distributors in the world and one of the top 100 companies in the United States.

Strategic partnerships

The establishment of new processing factitious by OSI Industries would be accompanied by the strategic partnerships all over the world. Sheldon and his team understood that it wasn’t enough to have production centers strewn all other the world if no one was consuming their products.

The company leadership has, therefore, invested a lot of time and effort convincing food retailers globally to try out and stock their products with a lot of success. The fact that there is always a ready market for the OSI Industries products has gone a long way in contributing towards the growth and global expansion of the meat brand.

Customer service

Long before the current crop of leadership took over the company or Sheldon took over its reigns, the OSI Industries had already established a culture that centered around customer satisfaction. Sheldon and his team would pick and run with it making it one of the core pillars upon which the company’s success is built on. The dedication to superior customer service and delivery of high-quality products can even be said to be the primary feature contributing to the growth of the food manufacturer.

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