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Newswatch TV – Businesses Give Their Honest Reviews About It

Newswatch TV is a well known television program that focuses on all sorts of news, but especially on news in the finance industry and news that is related to consumers. Newswatch TV reaches close to a hundred million people when it airs, which is why many businesses know that getting their story or their ad on Newswatch TV will help inform shoppers about the great new products that they have to offer. Here are just some honest reviews that business owners and managers gave after their experiences with Newswatch TV.

Avanca set up an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of ten thousand dollars for a new product that they were hoping to launch. They wanted to encourage themselves to reach that goal, so they said that if they will not reach the mark of ten thousand dollars, they simply will not get any money at all, which is something that you are able to do when you use Indiegogo. In order to spread the word about their campaign, they decided to run a one minute promotional video on the Newswatch TV network.

In the thirty day period that they had set for their goal, Avanca raised over four hundred and fifty six thousand dollars, which is twenty nine times more than what they wanted to reach. Avanca said that without Newswatch TV, it is doubtful they would ever have reached their goal.

Another success story was seen by Saygus, which wanted to raise one million dollars and ended up raising three hundred thousand dollars more than their goal, all thanks to Newswatch TV and its network of over ninety million viewers. SteelSeries also saw great results with their Newswatch TV campaigns.


George Soros Generous Philanthropist Who Support Democratic Ideals

George Soros has been able to make a positive impact in the world we live in by ensuring that he efficiently uses his wealth. As one of the biggest and the most generous philanthropists on the planet, George Soros has contributed to numerous humanitarian efforts that have helped many local communities in the United States and different parts of the world. Chris Stone, who serves as the President of the George Soros’ charity foundation, Open Society Foundation, says that the foundation aims to identify the people and the communities that are oppressed and suffering and then to reach out to them through all the means available with the organization.

George Soros has lived an eventful life, to say the least. He is a Hungarian Jew and was born in the year of 1930. After a few years of schooling in Hungary, George Soros has to flee the country along with his parents and siblings to London to save their lives from the Nazi occupation. Around 500,000 Jews died in the Hungarian Holocaust that followed after Nazis took control of Hungary. George Soros and family were lucky to survive the holocaust and flee on time due to the political connection his family had. George Soros studied philosophy at the London School of Economics and along with studying, worked part time as a waiter and a porter. However, after completing his education, George Soros decided that he would continue his career in the field of economics. It is for this reason he moved to the United States from London after completion of his education in London.

In the United States, George Soros decided to make New York his residence as it was the financial capital of the country. After a couple of years of working at a local merchant bank, George Soros had considerable experience in the financial sector that gave him the courage to start his firm, which is today known as the Soros Fund Management. George Soros is arguably the most successful hedge funder alive today, and it is his incredible efforts that have made his firm one of the most prominent hedge funding organizations on the planet with over $30 billion in assets under management. The personal wealth of George Soros is estimated to be around $26 Billion out of which he gave away $18 Billion to Open Society Foundation recently.

George Soros has taken a keen interest in politics as well as philanthropy since the time he started making money. He believes that every affluent individual should make an effort to better the society, which is why he doesn’t hesitate in spending his money in promoting the democratic ideals. George Soros is one of the first public figures to stand up aggressively for the rights of the marginalized communities in the country and across the globe, including the victims of the drug abuse, black people, and the LGBTI community. He also supports many PACs and Super PACs that support the political candidates who back the reforms that coincide with the mission of his charity foundation.

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