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The CEO Of Dalrada Corporation, Brian Bonar, Is Recognized For His Financial Expertise

Recently, Brian Bonar was named Cambridge who’s who Executive of the Year. The financial expert is the CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Four people are named as the executives of the year. Two male and two female are selected in each discipline.

The nominees to the award were selected based on their professional accomplishment, leadership successes and academic achievements. Brian has been working as a financial professional for over 30 years.

To this end, he is well versed with financial standards, strategies and principles. His successes in the financial field place him at a good position to oversee operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been the CEO and chairman of the financial corporation for over 10 years.

Dalrada Corporation offers its services to PEO businesses.

In his position, Brian Bonar determines employer benefits, selects employees and establishes aftermarket products. Dalrada Financial Corporation serves as a marketing liaison. This is because the company offers different employee programs aimed at ensuring that client’s enjoy efficient operations in their firms.

These programs encompass risk management, employee benefits, as well as financial, promotional and business management. Brian also serves as the CEO of Smart-Tek services. In addition, Brian is the president of Allegiant Professional Businesses Company.

Besides holding a PhD, Brian is affiliated with the American Finance Association, which is a professional body. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as highlighted in the following link

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well-known finance executive. He has been a leader at Trucept Corporation. His vast leadership experience has seen him serve in various capacities for different corporations. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian’s ability to build an innovative structure that works has seen him improve operations for the various companies that have enlisted his services. Brian has a degree in Technical Engineering from the esteemed James Watt Technical College. Brian earned his Master’s degree from the prestigious Stafford University. For his masters degree, Brian pursued Mechanical Engineering.

In the past, Brian worked for IBM. He served the company in the position of a procurement manager. Soon after, Brian was recruited by QMS to serve as the director of engineering. In this position, Brian was in charge of over 100 subordinates.

In order to enhance his professional experience, he joined Adaptec Corporation. At this company, Brian worked as the sales manager. After gaining experience from serving these corporations, Brian started his company, which he called Bezier Systems.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

He worked for other companies before realizing his potentials with Dalrada Corporation. He is well versed on matters of mergers and acquisitions. His ability to combine his technical capabilities with his creativity has been vital to his success.

He has been able to come up with viable solutions to varying problems besides enhancing cohesion among the employees. This information was originally published on Bitsy Link as elaborated in the following link

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